Keeping up Christmas Traditions During Hard Times

Written by Caitlynn Woods (Features Writer)

With Christmas coming into the picture, common yearly traditions such as Christmas trees, ornaments, stockings, food, and movies should not be forgotten about, no matter our circumstances involving Coronavirus and the lockdown.

Christmas trees are one of the best parts of Christmas; the smell of the leaves filling the room is a very notable sense of the Christmas season. Some places to get a tree this year, with the CZU Lightning Complex fires burning down multiple local Christmas tree farms, are still available. Among those would be Mountain Charlies Ranch located on 23100 Mountain Charlie Rd, Summit Christmas Tree Farm located on 23868 Summit Rd, Skyline Ranch Christmas Tree Farm on 22246 CA-35, Patchen Old Town Christmas Tree Farm located on 22217 Old Santa Cruz Highway, and lastly Peacock Tree Farm on 17950 Mountain Charlie Rd.

In addition to Christmas trees, decorations such as ornaments and stockings are well known seasonal traditions. Many places have Christmas tree ornaments and stockings. Some easy to access places would be online, for example, Amazon or other online shopping websites. Some stocking stuffer ideas could be sweets, little things to fidget with during online school, gift cards, and many other things.

Speaking of sweets, there is a multitude of foods to eat for Christmas dinner. Just like the Grinch and the Who’s ate for Christmas dinner, a very common dish is roast beef. Similar to traditional Thanksgiving dinners: stuffing, cranberry sauce, vegetables, and other types of poultry are relevant too. As far as desserts are concerned, many families bake fruitcakes, pies, puddings, and more.

After Christmas dinner, there is nothing better to do than sit down and watch a movie with your family. Some Christmas themed movie options include, A Christmas Story, The Grinch, The Christmas Chronicles, The Nutcracker, and to add a little twist of horror into a benign Christmas evening, the movie Krampus is a great pick. Additionally, as recommended by a student at SLVHS, the movie Elf is also a popular choice for Christmas movies.

So amongst all of the things to do as Christmas traditions- trees, ornaments, stockings, foods, movies, all are good ways to spend quality time with your families during the holiday season. Even if we may not have big family gatherings this year, it is still good to celebrate with your immediate family.

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