COVID-19 Death Toll Rises to 44 People in Santa Cruz County

Written by Makoa Ho’opai (News Writer)

Recently going into December the number of deaths from covid has spiked rapidly according to  the county health officials. There was a report by Santa Cruz health officials saying that there have been three more deaths due to COVID-19 in just a week bringing the total up to 44 deaths due to the virus. Ringing Santa Cruz back to the stay at home orders and closure of businesses such as restaurants, movie theaters, even parks, and skateparks. The mayor of Santa Cruz said “if we don’t act now our hospitals will be overwhelmed and we’ll see the number of cases rise even higher. We are pulling the emergency brake.” As the county had a record of most cases and most deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

The governor said that he thinks there will be a decrease of ICU capacity of less than 15% by mid to late December in the bay area, by that time the residents of the bay area will most likely be prohibited from having gatherings of any Size. Restaurants will only be allowed takeout and delivery. The governor had said he’s predicting this to be the last surge in the virus. “There is light at the end of the tunnel” he had said.

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