Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Could Bring Major Change to the Future of the Pandemic

Written by Natasha Gunion (News Writer)

The Pfizer vaccine, a vaccine for the Corona Virus was recently created by Ugur Sahin and Ozlem Tureci, a billionaire scientist couple, who are founders based in the German city of Mainz. They have a lot of lab work history from the past, such as developing cancer therapies. Their successful vaccines in the past have brought them to global recognition of this pandemic.  If this vaccine were to be proven effective, this could benefit SLV students by being able to return to public school in the coming months. 

The Pfizer vaccine proves to keep nine out of ten patients from getting the Corona Virus disease. This vaccine consists of a material named mRNA which includes tiny particles that flow into our cells, allowing the immune system to create antibodies that shield this virus from our systems. mRNA has been proven affected based on past vaccines. mRNA is a single-stranded molecule that follows the DNA strands of a gene. This forces the cell nucleus to move over to the cytoplasm where proteins and antibodies are formed. Those are what shields your body from possibly catching any type of virus. 

Now that this pandemic has caused more than 1.2 million deaths, medical professionals have been in a rush to find a working vaccine to slow the death rate of the Coronavirus down. The Pfizer vaccine is in the form of a shot you will receive from a local healthcare facility that is in the same form as any other yearly shot to protect you from a virus, such as the flu shot. If the results continue to come out with nothing but positive feedback and negative results, this may be included in childhood vaccines for diseases such as measles, meaning that this is just as effective as childhood vaccines. Pfizer’s data shows that this vaccine is more than 90% effective.

  With the creation of this vaccine, we can only hope that this can be the end to the Coronavirus. Proved by the results that came back showing that this vaccine is 95.45% effective, and was tested on over 30,000 patients, we have lots of hope in this potential cure to the Coronavirus. 

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