Major Baseball League Standings – As Well as COVID Concerns for Upcoming Seasons

Written by Zane Krikke (Sports Writer)

The 2019 MLB postseason ended with the Nationals lifting the first World Series championship trophy in franchise history. On July 23, the 2020 regular season began with Washington starting its title defense. Following the pair of games on July 23, MLB-wide action began on July 24. Opening Day presented a 14-game menu and a full 15-game slate awaits on July 25.  The first games played in the season were by the Yankees vs Nationals and Giants vs Dodgers. 

The Yankees won the first game and same with the Giants now they have a starting league in the season, while on the 24th of July, 14 new games were played by the Braves vs Mets, Tigers vs Reds, Blue Jays vs Rays, Marlins vs Phillies, Royals vs Indians, Brewers vs Cubs, Orioles vs Red Sox, the Rockies vs Rangers, Twins vs White Sox, Pirates vs Cardinals, D-backs vs Padres, Mariners vs Astros, Giants vs Dodgers, Angels vs Athletics – (the teams that are in front of the “vs” were victorious). The teams that won move further to the finals for MLB and the losing teams must pick it up and win more games if they would like to make it to the finals. On July 25, 15 more games commenced between winning and losing times moving some closer to the championship and some further away. The teams who played each other were the Brewers vs Cubs, Orioles vs Red Sox, Twins vs White Sox, Pirates vs Cardinals, Blue Jays vs Rays, the Rockies vs Rangers, Marlins vs Phillies, Angels vs Athletics, Mariners vs Astros, Giants vs Dodgers, Braves vs Mets, Tigers vs Reds, Royals vs Indians, Yankees vs Nationals, D-backs vs Padres. 

These games started the beginning of the MLB season determining the teams who would come out victorious over the other and get a closer lead to the championship game. The next games were not until August 8 and every two weeks after that until the MLB World Series happened on October 28th when millions of fans were at the edge of their seats watching the LA Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays battled to take the first place prize as champions of the World Series. Though it was a close game the whole way through the LA Dodgers won as Champions against the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 taking the title of the World series for their team since 1998. 

The MLB Association had to face rigorous and difficult guidelines with the Coronavirus having it affect the regular standard play of the game. They had to shorten the games played this year to 60 with spring training starting on July 1st. So much of the season was cut short and players had to be tested before each game and practice for everyone’s safety. If the pandemic does not die down then they shall use these same restrictions for next year’s season as well. Many people are upset due to the fact that possibly their favorite sport was stripped from them in a short time, but the MLB association was prompt on keeping their rules strict for however long it takes. 

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