How the Stanley Cup Playoffs Came to an End in 2020

Written By Lucas Sherrick (Sports Writer)

“Andddd Lighting wins the Stanley Cup playoffs,” said the announcer. In the final game Lightning takes the win at 2 to 0 against the Dallas stars. It was a great fight from every team doing their best to get as far in the standings as they could.

The Dallas stars couldn’t hide their pain. None of them could. They fought hard the whole season and were doing good but they couldn’t make it happen. It has been twenty-one years almost twenty-two since the Dallas Stars have won a Stanley Cup; they appeared in 5 others in the years (1981, 1991, 1999, 2000, and 2020) but haven’t been able to get one since 1999.

The Lightning on the other hand were able to get this one with a two point lead. The Lightning have won 2 Stanley Cups, one in 2004, and the next and most recent was the one that just happened in 2020. During this game they played really good defense, not letting the Stars score any points on them but it also might have just been how they played.

The Lightnings became a team in 1992 they started as an expansion team and struggled in the beginning. They had a losing record the first three seasons before the Dallas Stars the became a team in 196.,

The biggest award in the sport is the Stanley cup that happens yearly and is one big highlight of the sport. Overall the Stanley cup was a big and hard-fought battle between all the teams in the NHL but it had to just come down to one team in the end and that’s what happened.

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