Coverage of Week Nine of the NFL

Written by Zane Krikke (Sports Writer)

It is week 9 in the NFL season with players and their teams trying their hardest to secure a spot in Finals and even the Super Bowl. Week 8 ended with 14 teams out of 28 winning a game to further them a spot in the Super Bowl. The teams that came out victorious were the Falcons, Vikings, Bengals, Chiefs, Colts, Steelers, Dolphins, Bills, Raiders, Broncos, Saints, Seahawks, Eagles, and the Buccaneers. These 14 teams will now face each other in week 8 as the losing teams: Panthers, Packers, Titans, Jets, Lions, Ravens, Rams, Patriot, Chargers, Browns, Bears, 49ers, Cowboys, and the Giants will face each other to reclaim a victory and move closer towards their goal. 

With week 9 getting closer and the first game being this Thursday people cannot wait to see how this NFL season will turn out. Teams playing each other this week are Packers vs 49ers on Thursday then we have the Texans vs Jaguars, Giants vs Washington, Ravens vs Colts, Lightning vs Lions, Bears vs Titans, Panthers vs Chiefs, Seahawks vs Bills, Broncos vs Falcons, Raiders vs Chargers, Dolphin vs Cardinals, Steelers vs Cowboys, and the Saints vs the Buccaneers. All this Sunday and then that Monday as well it’s the Patriots vs Jets as the final game for week 9. These teams will have a vigorous time bashing into one another to claim that victory spot and walk into week 10 more prepared than they needed to be. Winning these early games are very important for the players so their team has a secured spot as a top winning team in the NFL season for as long as possible. 

As the season gets better and better the virus continues to make it worse, with all players required to wear a mask on the sideline, locker room, and during a team meeting. The virus continues to delay the NFL season postponing games and affecting some teams’ key players who have gotten affected by the virus and are unable to play with everyone else. So far major players that have been infected and are/were unable to play are Stephon Gilmore, CB, Patriots, Bill Murray, DL, Patriots, Cam Newton, QB, Patriots, Byron Cowart, DT, Patriots, A.J. Terrell, CB, Falcons, Jordan Ta’amu, QB, Chiefs, Adam Humphries, WR, Titans, Kristian Fulton, CB, Titans, Jeffery Simmons, DE, Titans, Cam Batson, WR, Titans, Kamalei Correa, LB, Titans, Tommy Hudson, TE, Titans, Beau Brinkley, LS, Titans, DaQuan Jones, DL, Titans, Greg Mabin, DB, Titans, Corey Davis, WR, Titans, Isaiah Wilson, OL, Titans, Maurice Hurst, DL, Raiders, Marlon Davidson, DT, Falcons, Anthony Sherman, FB, Chiefs. These players have all tested positive for Coronavirus and must wait out the virus until their tests are negative and they are ready to play again. The Titans Organization/team has suffered the worst with over 13 members becoming positive for the virus. 

The NFL trade deadline ends today with so far 25 players from all different NFL teams will be moved/traded to a different football team and be required to play with them. As long as that the voting starts today to start and decide what 28 coaches will receive the NFL season coach of the year. Which is a very prosperous award for a coach to win. 

So far the 49ers are tied with the Saints for the most games won in the 2020 NFL season. While the Cowboys and two other teams are all tied for 3rd place, after this week it will be decided who holds more wins between the 3 teams. 

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