The Newest Games and Their Updates

Written by Lucas Hede (Features Writer)

In the past few weeks many new updates and events in the gaming community have been released. The first being the game Among Us. This game has soared in popularity the past few months, so much so that they just hit over three million concurrent players this past weekend. There are so many new players that there have been a lot of complaints about the servers being so full. Despite Among Us being two years old, it has soared in popularity due to many people playing on twitch and a bunch of new memes. Originally there was a second game planned but the developers decided to cancel it and update the original so people did not have to spend more money. Among Us has also redecorated its maps for halloween and added free cosmetics. “My friends and I play Among Us all the time on Discord” says Logan Hede, a freshman at SLVHS. 

Another big update that has happened recently was that Steve from Minecraft got added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate as a DLC (downloadable content) fighter. This release was greatly endorsed by the Smash Bros community as Steve has been wanted by many for a while now. He features many things from his home game Minecraft such as flying with elytra, placing blocks, riding in minecarts, and much more. This announcement was so popular Twitter servers crashed less than five minutes after the reveal because of the amount of people talking about it. 

The newly released game Fall Guys just came out with their second season, which features a new battle pass, stages, cosmetics, and much more. This game became really popular almost immediately after its release due to it being easy to learn and a lot like an arcade game. It has short rounds so it doesn’t take up too much time, fun mechanics like grabbing other players to slow them down, and lots of game modes like racing and soccer. 

The last big game this month is Phasmophobia, a recently released horror game has hit the gaming community fast with it usually having around thirty-five thousand active players at one time hitting a peak of eighty-six thousand. Many people like this game because you spawn in as a team of four and your goal is to investigate a house and figure out what type of ghost is haunting it. Be careful though, as you can’t stay in the house for too long otherwise you will go insane and will end up losing. This game got really popular due to many people’s favorite content creators playing it especially since Halloween is coming up.

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