Nvidia’s New 3080 Graphics Card

Written by Lucas Hede (Features Writer)

Nvidia’s new 3080 Graphics card was completely sold out everywhere in less than five seconds! In less than the time it takes to refresh a page, the newly released RTX 3080 was sold out everywhere. It gained a lot of hype when we found out that it would have a 30% better performance than the 2080ti while being $300 cheaper. This card has made 4k gaming a reality. Using this GPU you can now play games at 4k with 60 fps (frames per second) and easily get over 100 on 1440p. The new visual look of the cards also is greatly improved and even better for airflow.

There was a bunch of hype over the announcement of this generation of cards because the RTX 3070 is apparently equal to last generation’s titan card the 2080ti in performance at only $500 compared to over $1000. If you didn’t know, a “titan card” is the most expensive card designed for the most intensive workloads. The recent launch of the RTX 3090 also sold out in seconds due to it being this generation’s new titan card and being able to game in 8K at 30fps. The new design of the cooler to the card offers fans blowing out all the hot air in two ways as that way no hot air goes to the GPU. Also, this cooler sends the air straight out of the case for better temperatures inside the computer case. 

The launches of both the 3080 and the 3090 were both seen as failures to the community because not many people were able to get their hands on the cards because many people had bots buying as many as possible the moment they were available. That led to many cards being sold at triple the price if not higher on websites like eBay. Many people have been bidding these up to extreme prices like $50,000 and more, then not paying for it to try and send a message. They also added some better features to these new GPUs including a redone version of RTX (ray tracing) to help make a better picture and get more fps. Another big addition is dlss (deep learning super sampling). This generation’s dlss helps make the picture look better along with fps gain. There are reported leaks that we might get new, improved versions of all of these cards, and maybe more.

Overall, this launch marks a huge generational leap of performance and new and improved features. The launch was a big fail with hundreds of thousands of people complaining about it all over the internet and making a bunch of memes. The total improvements of the cards are a huge leap with it offering 55% more performance than its predecessor, the 2080, with the same msrp (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price).

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