Get Cozy with a Warm Drink at The White Raven

Written by Kayla Hoffman (Features Writer)

Fall is now here which means we get to wear cozy sweaters and enjoy hot drinks. A particular popular drink during this time of year is the typical Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Starbucks is many people’s go-to place for a quick coffee drink, however, we cannot forget about our local businesses. Smaller businesses took quite the hit during COVID-19 with being shut down for so long, but slowly they are making a comeback. As a community, let’s acknowledge and help out our local businesses during the holiday season! 

A local cafe very dear to us here in The Valley is the White Raven in downtown Felton. Both our community and tourists have acknowledged this small business as a hidden gem. It’s well-known for “Larry’s Famous Chai” and it’s very unique and homey decor, perfect for the upcoming cold seasons. I reached out to a couple of hard-working and really down-to-earth employees who work at the White Raven asking for their own personal recommendations as to what you can look for and enjoy on their menu for the upcoming seasons. Karla Jimenez, an employee at the White Raven, suggests these tasty options if you are not too crazy about the coffee scene or maybe just want to get a younger sibling or family member a fun little drink for them to enjoy. “The Oat Milk Chai is bomb! Maybe even a hot chocolate with ‘magic.’ It’s like whipped cream, sprinkles, marshmallows, and a little bit of chocolate drizzled on your drink. It’s really great for kids.” Another employee, Oliver Csimma, gives us a really good selection of coffee as well as decaf tea drinks for The White Raven’s fall favorites saying, “If you’re into coffee, a Mexican Mocha or Oat Milk Honey Latte is great! For non-coffee drinkers, our hot house chai is always a fall favorite and we also offer any of our tea options in the form of a tea latte! My personal favorite tea latte is the African Nectar Oat Milk Tea Latte! We also serve decaf chai. All of our drinks are customizable so there is something for everyone.”

With a sneak peek of their vast options of cozy drinks, I highly recommend you pop in and support a local business by ordering something from their delicious menu. Along with drinks, they do carry a great selection of small pastries and muffins to munch on or dip in your drink. So, as the holidays approach us, don’t forget to stop by to support and say hello to our friends at the White Raven this Fall!

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