“CLUE” – The Online Student Directed SLVHS Play

Written by Ashley Trageser (Features Writer)

“CLUE” is a murder mystery/comedy, and this is the Broadway high school version, which has multiple different endings, so each show will be different from the last,” said Lennon Lilienthal Wynn, director of SLV’s very own student-directed play. “It’s a comedy, but also a murder mystery, and it engages the audience in both of those ways.”

Despite major set-backs brought upon our school by the COVID-19 pandemic, seniors Lennon Lilienthal Wynn and Esperanza Clark are putting together the annual student-directed play. However, since the play must follow the school’s protocols regarding COVID-19, “CLUE” will be performed online by the dedicated actors of SLVHS.

When asked how exactly this is going to work, Lennon responded by saying “what we’re going to do is rehearsals on zoom, everyone’s going to get a physical version of the script, and the final show is going to be a live streamed zoom performance. [This is] so the actors will still be able to have the live aspect, […] except they’re going to be in front of their computers instead. People will be able to join and watch at the same time as it all goes down.”

This just goes to show how truly committed the students of SLVHS are, especially when faced with such high levels of adversity.

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