An Overlook at the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Written by Zane Krikke (Sports Writer)

NHL Hockey had quite a surprising year with its outcome in the finals. The Conference Finals started with the four teams who won the most games including the Stars, Golden Knights, Islanders, and Lightning. These teams fought vigorously to claim a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals. Only two teams can enter, but one comes out with victory under their name. 

The Conference Finals took an interesting turn with how it ended. The Stars faced off with the Golden Knights to claim victory and win the Stanley Cup. With the Stars nearly having a flawless victory against the Golden Knights, only losing one game between them and having a lead of 4-1 towards the end of the Conference Finals they advanced to the Stanley Cup and played the winning team of either the Lightning or Islanders to claim victory in the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Conference Finals between the Lightning and Islanders were a bit different. These teams were more evenly matched and even had to play an overtime in game 6 in order to find out who won. With the Lightning having the lead with games, overtime was in play to see who claims a spot in the Stanley Cup Final. After a game that keeps you at the edge of your seat, you see the Lightning win against the Islanders and claim a spot in the Stanley Cup Final to go up against the Stars. 

The Stanley Cup Final was a heart racer as well. The last two teams standing who were facing each other were the Lightning and the Stars. The Lightning won 4 games and the Stars won 2 Games. The last game of the Stanley Cup Final was on Monday the 28th of Sept. and was won by the Tampa Bay Lightning, the score was 2-0. The Lightning claims victory of the Stanley Cup Finals winning the series 4-2. 

NHL has reached the ending of its season but was surprised to have such a good year even with the coronavirus happening. They had to put a hold on the season as well because of the virus but still managed to pick up where they left off and have a fun regular season. The next NHL hockey season will start up towards the end of December this year and will hopefully go more smoothly in dealing with the virus. 

Some fun facts/more news about the NHL:

  • A neighbor calls the cops on a Lightning hockey fan who was screaming “SHOOT” at their T.V. thinking he was talking about hurting someone during their last game. 
  • There were seventy-one games alone in this season of NHL hockey playoffs.
  • The number 1 best player in the 2020 hockey season was Connor McDavid, voted by his fans and peers as the MVP of the hockey season with 212 scored goals along with amazing defense and teamwork.

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