When Would SLVHS Return to In-Person Learning?

Written by Tasia Lundberg (News Editor)

Although it seems like school is never going to come back, there is a spark of hope. Rumors have been spread around the faculty of school coming back in January after the long months of being gone. However many still do not believe that school will be coming back anytime soon.

When Jeff Calden was asked about this rumor, he simply stated  “There are a lot of pieces that go into that decision. And the main pieces are not within the control of the school or school district. COVID cases in the county must be at certain levels.  The ability to test, get timely results, and be able to do tracing also comes into play. County Mental Health, the state government, and the Santa Cruz County Office of Education will all be part of any decision.” Mr. Calden also stated that the second-semester schedule had not even been considered or made yet, so the decision to come back live is still very uncertain.

Other places are already back with live school, but that has proven to be too soon since new cases have arisen there even if the students are wearing masks, it would be hard to stay six feet apart. And school restrictions would just be difficult with many students. When Annika Jordan was asked about her feelings of coming back to school she mentioned that she was unsure and that she hoped that there would be a few restrictions on how the school would be run, such as social distancing and wearing a mask.

In the end, the best that can be hoped for is school opening in January, but that is just uncertain in these trying times. If school does not end up coming back, we can always look forward to the next year, if it does then maybe we can experience a normal 2021. There is absolutely no for sure. Remember to wash your hands and socially distance SLV and stay strong.

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