Potential Plans for a Return to School Next Fall

Written by Colleen Fitzpatrick (News Writer)

With COVID-19 spreading from person to person like rapid-fire, many people are stuck wondering what it’s going to be like next school year. Many options have been thrown into the hat and there still aren’t any clear answers. One possible option is that freshmen and sophomores will go to school in the morning time, while juniors and seniors go during the evening. Although this would be quite a hassle, it’d be easier for students learning, since online school really makes it difficult to pay attention. Although this is just one option, it seems like one of the easier ones to go through with.

Another option that has been discussed is wearing masks when we go back. When I asked my peers what they thought of this option, they responded, “I think that this is one of the less reasonable options. We’re still going to be in a crowded area, the masks won’t do much.” If they did implement the necessity to wear masks to school, it would most likely be combined with the first option of different grades going during different times. This would be the smarter move for going back.

The smartest option is to continue going to online school until the CO-VID19 outbreak has calmed down a little. If we all pile back into school, it could cause an outbreak within the student body and cause parents to sue. Although online school is difficult and very hated amongst my peers, we’d all rather do work at home than watch our family members die. I once again asked my peers what their opinions are on the different options of us going back to school next year. They responded, “I agree with online school being the safest option. Although I dislike it heavily, it’s better than contaminating others.” 

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