Issues With Online SAT Testing


Written by Dean Ricigliano (News Writer)

It’s SAT season and students all across the country are puzzled as to how the SAT will be taken. The college board, the foundation that owns the AP and SAT programs, said that there would be a shortened online less hard version of the AP test this year, with no information regarding the SAT. There was lots of hope with officials believing that this version of the test might result in higher scores among students. although when it came to taking the test, there were major problems.

The college board claims that the online advanced placement testing please more than a success for the majority of students, but all over social media like TikTok and Instagram test-takers all say they had problems submitting the tests. The total number of students who had issues submitting is unclear but it’s estimated to be in the thousands.

Due to the AP testing being timed, some official speculate that the submission problems had to do with the overload of submissions all at once on their servers. because of all of the students who took the test and submitted it all across the map, it was too much for the program to handle and denied access to thousands from submission.all across the country A large percentage of students will be retaking the AP test this year risk the possibility of getting a lower score than the previous attempt. For some this is an advantage, giving them more time to prepare better for the test. but some are terrified for the idea of getting a lower score than original. This test is extremely important for many students futures, and for some AP testing could be the only way to get to their dream schools.

The college board is trying to convince universities to give slack for the students taking the test this year. COVID-19 has really put these students an unfair advantage with the scoring. The situation of SAT scores is absolutely terrifying for some who rely on it for the future. Can citizens or we can do is work together and demand an equal advantage for a future college acceptances.

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