Governor Newsom Moves California Into Stage Two

Written by Trinity Torgersen (News Writer)

California has moved into phase two as of May 8th, meaning that the statewide rules have been modified in different areas of California where opening up a little can be safe for them. A new set of rules has been given to California showing that things will gradually get back to normal but still with safety precautions. Gavin Newsome deciding to move California into stage two means that businesses will have the chance to slowly open back up but with the exception that they follow certain guidelines that still continue to lower the risk of spreading the coronavirus. It also means the statewide shelter in place rules might be changed for our country since we have been doing the most to avoid spreading the virus.

As of May 6th, Gavin Newsome spread the word that California was to progress into stage two. Stage two includes things like non-essential manufacturing, schools, child care facilities, retail, and offices to start to open up. Retail and small logistic businesses would be okay to operate but with no inside store browsing. Examples of the businesses would be book stores, florists, and clothing stores with curbside pick up for shopping. All the listed businesses were given a set of guidelines to follow to lower the risk of the virus. The manufacturing and logistics operations opened up but have had their break rooms clothes for precautions and instead will be accepted to use spaced outdoor seating as a break area. All companies of different operations are still required to wear proper protective gear while operating. Proper protective gear would include gloves and masks. If they aren’t able to meet the guidelines or the business isn’t cooperating they’ll be unable to open and shut down. On May 12th the governor gave out guidelines for the possible opening of places like shopping malls and large offices as long as they prove that their cases are under control locally. The opening of these businesses slowly like museums and car washes have proven to be going on smoothly. 

Governor Newsome has not yet confirmed when we will be moving onto stage three but has hinted that parts of stage three may start to be introduced as soon as early June. In a press conference Newsome stated things like sporting events (without an audience), hair salons, and churches were the possible places that would be accepted to open in early June. He later said specifics on when and how it will be introduced soon. He hasn’t fully stated what will be in stage three of the plan but we expect more answers to what it will include in the next coming weeks. Guesses to what will be included are nail salons, movie theaters, and gyms. They are part of phase three but Governor Newsome has not made it clear if they will open early June as some were hinted to be or later into phase three. He has decided to let the counties take a little control and let them decide whether they would like to jump into phase two or play it out slow. Most counties are slowly opening up their businesses being considerate of the risk they are taking and it is predicted they will make the same gradual opening when stage three is introduced to being used. 

Many counties go into the advanced section of stage 2. The virus has made California have the worst budget deficit in state history. Newsome showed that the state will be facing a $54.3-billion budget deficit next summer. Only Los Angeles county has remained in stage 1 within California and other countries have proved to be progressing well with the new guidelines. This stage hopes to help the economy a little as they try to be lenient in helping the states out.


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