What SLVHS Will be Doing For the 2020/2021 Sports Season is Uncertain

Written by Kaylah Perez and Ryan Hodge (Sports Writers)

The 2019/20 school year at San Lorenzo Valley High School is starting to wrap up, and now we are talking about potential changes for the upcoming year. It may be very different than usual, but we can get through it together! With everything going on around the world due to COVID-19, the remainder of spring sports were cut short. It may not be the case for the 2020/21 year though. From the current news that we are hearing, they might be switching around the fall and spring sports next year. The reason behind that being that most of the kids that were doing spring sports did not get their opportunity to play some of their favorite sports due to this horrible pandemic. This year has definitely been a roller coaster of events but maybe with this help, we can play our spring sports next year without any difficulties. There have been a lot of students that have gotten their sports ripped away from them because of this unfortunate pandemic, and with everybody’s help by staying inside we can get through this and make it to next year’s sports with no difficulties! We may be making a bunch of different kinds of rules to this next school year but if we follow the rules all will be good! 

With COVID and staying in quarantine, it has led many coaches to do online practices to help get players in shape and warming up for the upcoming school year.  At the moment, we are unsure of how fall sports are going to look. Will there be a switch with Fall and Spring sports? Will there be different rules for sports that any sports player is not used to?

While emailing the Athletic Director and P.E. teacher, Christopher Coulson, he had a few things to share with the whole situation and what he knows at the moment. “At this point very little is known about what fall sports will look like next year. Everyone involved from the governor of California to many coaches wants them to be done as normally as possible.” The whole pandemic has led to uncertainties and being unconfident about how smoothly and normal sports will go. Coulson mentioned, “That is the hope and what we are all working towards but there will be many factors that determine how fall sports will take place that are out of our control.”

Agreeing with Coulson, every sports player should have some hope in them as they are figuring out how sports will be organized this year.  “What I am telling everyone is to do what you can right now to be prepared for your sport and if changes need to be made, we will adapt and do the best we can.” 

As we wrap up this school year of 2019-2020, take some time for physical activities, and keep your head up. There is still a possibility we could be able to play our favorite sports without feeling isolated at home. But most importantly, stay safe SLV! We will get through this together! 


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