The Popular new hit Series, Outer Banks Keeps you on Your Toes With all the Action

Written by Sierra Bullock (Features Writer)

Surviving this quarantine must be hard for everyone. This is a difficult time and lots of people are struggling with finding what to do to keep themselves busy during these tough times. A big one that I’m sure everyone has resorted to is watching shows and movies. There must be a lot of shows being binged during this time. I know many people that are using this time to catch up on lots of shows, and filling their time by watching lots of interesting movies. There are a lot of new movies and shows, especially on Netflix there are lots of popular shows being watched during this quarantine. A very popular show that people are watching is a Netflix Original series called, Outer Banks

Outer Banks is a teen drama with action, adventure, and mystery. There is only one season so far that was released on April 15, 2020. The program directors of this show are Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke. This show starred actor Chase Stokes playing the role of John B in the show. 

The first season introduces a group of teenagers in the outer banks of North Carolina who are called, “pogues”. They are all determined to find out what happened to the father of the group’s leader. Along the way they find a treasure that is linked to his father. The show was very liked by a lot of people and then of course like any show, there were some critics of the show. The show was rated a 7.6 out of 10 with 97% of viewers who liked it as an American Web Television series. 

I asked some people who have watched the show already for their opinions and experience and I got some mixed results but they were honestly mostly positive. Some people thought that it was a little overrated, boring, or not their taste but some others thought that it was very entertaining and they  hope to see future seasons. For example, a sophomore said this when asked  what she thought of the show, “I feel that the show Outer Banks was a good show when I watched it, and there was nothing necessarily wrong with it, but it was a little bit overhyped up by everyone and that made me expect it to be a little better, but that could have just been me.” Another sophomore said this when asked the same question, “ I’ve been binging so many shows during quarantine because I have nothing else to do and Outer Banks was one of my favorites I’ve ever watched on Netflix. I personally see how people could see it as overrated but I just don’t think so and I actually really enjoyed it. It was full of adventures and stuff so it was never boring and I feel like there was always just something happening that kept me wanting to watch more.” Another sophomore said this about the show, “I think Outer Banks is a good show and I would rate it ten out of ten. It was a little bit boring in the first two episodes but it got really good and I grew to really like it now.”  

When I asked another sophomore, I got this response, “Outer Banks was honestly a good show. I think people might think it’s kinda cringy or annoying, but you can’t say it’s boring because there’s always a lot going on and it was entertaining to watch at least for me.” A junior said, “ I really think Outer Banks was lame and I honestly wouldn’t say it is a good show, in my opinion. It was not boring or anything, it was just not my kind of show so I actually didn’t continue watching the show after only a couple of episodes, but I know a lot of people loved it so I could just be an odd one out for this one.”

It turned out that a lot of people think the show Outer Banks was great, and others not so much. Either way, you can occupy yourself during this quarantine and watch the show, as lots of other people have, and decide for yourself!

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