SLV Students Discuss Losing the Latest Sports Season due to Coronavirus

Written by Madison Reger (Sports Writer)

Without the interruption of COVID-19, our varsity girls and boys basketball and soccer teams, wrestling, surfing team, were able to complete their seasons as normal. As COVID-19 played a big part in canceling softball, baseball, and other spring sports, I wanted to ask how it felt for teams to be able to complete their seasons without interruption. 

Abby Lahey, a sophomore playing on varsity girls basketball said “For me personally I am very thankful that COVID-19 didn’t interrupt our basketball season. Being a sophomore on JV was a very fun experience, and being able to complete the season only made me appreciate it more.” I also wanted to talk about the fact that being on varsity as a JV player brings all types of competition. I asked her what changes she experienced on varsity that she might have not experienced with JV. “One of the biggest changes from going to JV to varsity was definitely having to play with better competition. Having to go against someone who is at the same level as you or maybe even higher was very different from what I saw on JV.” 

Garvey Gordon, a senior playing on varsity boys basketball also let me know how much he appreciated the fact that he was able to complete his final season. Being a senior you could only imagine the disappointment of a season’s cancellation due to Covid-19. “Being able to complete my season was very lucky. Being a senior it was nice to finish out the year with being able to play fully through all my sports season. Still though I felt slightly bad for those who were not able to have a complete senior sports year. With the cancellations with prom and graduation, not being able to finish a sport would just make the year a whole lot worse.”  

Basketball was not the only sport that was able to complete their season, but the boys and girls soccer teams were also lucky when avoiding the COVID-19  crisis. I also wanted to know how they were feeling about being able to complete their season, as well as some of the fun memories when playing on the team. I asked sophomore Zoe Ackemann and Helena Davidson. Zoe told me, “I think everyone on the team feels pretty lucky that COVID-19 didn’t hit until after the season ended. All the seniors got to finish out their last season of soccer without any interruption, and to those who didn’t get to complete their sports as seniors everyone feels extremely bad. The best memory for me being on varsity was being able to play with all the girls that I had been playing with since I was little. The team had a really tight bond and I was even lucky enough to have my two best friends on the team with me as well!”. While Helena told me, “I felt sad for the teams that had seasons end. I’m glad I was able to finish the season and was able to bond with such a great team, being able to celebrate with our seniors that were graduating was a highlight when it came to being a part of my team. Still I feel my favorite memory was probably when we did this soccer obstacle course thingy, we all were having such a fun time, being able to work, but at the same time having fun with each other.” 

As well as the girls the boys team was just as lucky when being able to complete the season, Jackson Kueny a sophomore was able to tell me how he appreciated the season in its whole, as well as what his favorite memory about being on the team was . “It was nice that I was able to finish my season, with the cancellation with other sports I was glad that I could finish this season with having it end early. Out of all the fun experiences we had my fav memory was probably when we were able to practice in the rain. I was just a lot of fun because not a lot of times coaches let you.” 

The appreciation that players have about being able to complete their season is showing the dedication and hardwork these players are willing to put in their teams, in order to make the best out of their season. Let’s all hope that next year we will all be able to complete all sports seasons once again.  

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