Mother’s Day was a Little Different This Year With our County Sheltering-in-Place

Written by Micah Jewell (Features Writer)

On September 10, 2020, we gave love and affection, honoring all of the mother figures in our lives, by showing how much we care about them. Although it is disappointing that this year’s Mothers Day was spent under quarantine regulations, we hope that it was still enjoyable and special. Even though families and friends were not able to dine-in at their favorite restaurants, hopefully, many got take-out, or even made a special home-cooked meal for their loved ones!

On Mother’s Day, Oliver Prince went on a hike around the neighborhood and he and his sister cooked dinner for their family! This only shows that you don’t need restaurants to have a good meal!

For Mother’s Day, my family and I went to the beach for a few hours and threw a  frisbee around, but because it was really windy, we decided to leave and get food from Taqueria Vallarta! This Mother’s Day might not have been everything you wanted it to be, but we all have to make the best out of what we can in these uncertain times!


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