A Perfect Sweet Treat to Make at Home as it Gets Hotter and Hotter

Written by Cherise Gombatz (Features Writer)

Ice cream is actually super easy and there are many different ways and flavors to make. The first way is the “two ingredient method.”  All you need is two cups of chilled heavy cream and one can of sweetened condensed milk, you can also add different flavors of extract to make different types of ice cream. All you need to do is put the heavy cream in a bowl and mix with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. On low speed, slowly mix in the condensed milk. Pour the mixture into a container and put plastic wrap on top on the ice cream and seal with a lid. Freeze for at least six hours and enjoy!

For this next set of ingredients you can use multiple methods. You will need 1 ¼ cups of chilled whole milk, two cups chilled heavy cream, ¾ cup sugar, one tablespoon vanilla extract, and ¼ teaspoon salt. The first way is the freeze and stir method. In a mixing bowl add the milk and sugar and beat with an electric mixer until the sugar is dissolved. Stir in the other ingredients, chill in the refrigerator for thirty minutes. Place the mixture into a stainless steel dish and freeze for forty-five minutes or until you see it start to freeze around the edges. Once the edges begin to freeze, take out of the freezer and mix with an electric mixer. Return to the freezer and repeat this process every thirty-forty-five minutes for about two-three hours or until the ice cream is to the consistency of your liking. The next method using these ingredients is called the plastic bag method. Place your ingredients into a quart size plastic bag and then place that bad in a gallon size plastic bag filled with four cups of ice and four tablespoons of coarse salt. Squeeze the air out of the bag and cover with a towel. Shake vigorously for ten-fifteen minutes and enjoy. 

The ice cream listed above is the base and you can add anything to it to make different flavors. Some ideas are: Cheesecake, add eight ounces of cream cheese to the mixture, this works best with the two ingredient method. Mint chip, one teaspoon of peppermint extract and one cup of mini chocolate chips or chocolate shavings you can also add green food coloring. Cinnamon roll, three tablespoons melted butter and ½ cup cinnamon. Caramel, ½-1 cup of caramel sauce to the almost frozen mixtures and one teaspoon salt. Chocolate, ¾ cup sifted cocoa powder, four ounces cooled melted chocolate chips. Rocky road, one cup chocolate syrup, one cup mini marshmallows, one cup chopped almonds. Cookies and cream, and fifteen chopped Oreos. 

These recipes are super easy and perfect to try out when the days start getting hotter as summer approaches!

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