A Couple fun and Different Ways to Workout and Keep Yourself Healthy

Written by Natalie Hunter (Features Writer)

We’ve been in quarantine for almost three months now and most of us eating junk food and binge-watching Netflix, but now summer is just around the corner! Although we still most likely will not be able to enjoy many outdoor summer activities as usual, now is the perfect time to start preparing your bodies for summer with these creative, beginner level workouts that anyone can do at home without any equipment! I have done research on fun workout ideas from Pinterest! Enjoy and stay hydrated! Are you feeling colorful? Pick a color and complete the corresponding workout:

Red – thirty jumping jacks, thirty squats, twenty lunges, twenty crunches, ten pushups, and one minute plank.

Orange – forty squats, thirty high knees, twenty leg lifts, ten sit-ups, ten butt kicks, and thirty-second wall sit.

Yellow – forty donkey kicks, twenty bicycle crunches, twenty jump squats, twenty jumping jacks, ten burpees, one-minute arm circles, and one minute running in place.

Green – fifty lunges, forty jumping jacks, thirty crunches, thirty high knees, ten donkey kicks, and one-minute wall sit.

Blue – twenty jumping jacks, ten squats, one minute running in place, ten lunges, twenty jumping jacks, and five push-ups.

Purple – thirty jumping jacks, one minute running in place, twenty crunches, one minute running in place, thirty squats, and ten lunges.

Pink – twenty tricep dips, ten sit-ups, ten jumping jacks, thirty-second wall sit, twenty high knees, and twenty lunges.

Gold – twenty jumping jacks, twenty push-ups, ten bicycle crunches, ten burpees, twenty squats, and one-minute plank.

Another fun idea is the alphabet workout! Pick a word and spell it out to create your own workout.

A – twenty-five jump squats B – twenty sit ups C – one minute wall sit D – twenty push ups E – thirty high knees F – thirty push ups G – one minute plank H – twenty tricep dips I – ten burpees J – thirty squats K – twenty side lunges L – thirty jumping jacks M – twenty-five push ups N – twenty-five crunches O – one minute running in place P – thirty five jumping jacks Q – fifteen burpees R – twenty lunges S – twenty five hip thrusts  T – thirty donkey kicks U – twenty five fire hydrants V – forty jumping jacks  W – thirty seconds running in place X -thirty-five calf raises Y – thirty bicycle crunches Z – ten knee push ups

Finally, Zodiac Workouts!

Aquarius, Pisces and Aries – thirty bodyweight squats, thirty second jumping jacks, thirty arm circles, twenty-five push ups, twenty five crunches, twenty walking lunges, twenty side lunges and twenty sit ups.

Taurus, Gemini and Cancer – ten hip raises, twenty squats, twenty arm circles, five push ups, ten frog jumps, twenty second wall sit, five sit ups and one minute running in place.

Leo, Virgo and Libra – ten jumping jacks, one minute running in place, thirty second plank, thirty arm rotations, twenty-five squats, twenty fire hydrants, ten sit ups and one minute wall sit.

Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn – thirty jumping jacks, thirty side lunges, five push ups, twenty leg lifts, one minute running in place, ten calf raises, thirty second wall sit and ten arm rotations.

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