Santa Cruz Limits the Time and What you can do on the Beaches for Locals

Written by Dean Ricigliano (News Writer)

Quarantine life has been the normal for about two months now, a lot has changed yet some places are beginning to ease up on the tightness of social distancing. We were in complete lockdown during the beginning of quarantine. Now, authorities are beginning to let people out under certain circumstances.

The beaches mean a lot of things to people. For some, it’s a good play day while others use it for exercise and meditation. Authorities are saying that the beaches are open but only if the citizens are fully in the water actively surfing or swimming. People in the water need to be a minimum of six feet apart in order to prevent spread of COVID-19. 

Officers are pretty gentle with the water rules but are way more strict with rules regarding civilians on land. If a police officers finds that the civilian is loitering on the sand, they will be handed a large fine. That is only if the civilian isn’t actively moving and within six feet of another citizen. The sands of a beach are open to the public as long as you’re exercising and at a minimum of six feet apart.

Some say that the officers have the tickets already written up and ready to hand out to people. For minors tickets will not be handed to you instead a warning. If it is a group of minors larger than five,  there will be a fine being attached to their parents or guardians. The fines may be anywhere from 500 to 1000 dollars and the city is not light about this rule. 

If you are on sidewalks outside of a beach, police will ask you to leave unless you have a mask on. It is important to exercise and stay active during this time of quarantine and authorities are now allowing you onto beaches only if you follow the guidelines. It’s important to say safe and if you do not follow with the rules, there will be consequences to your actions.

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