Update on NHL Season

Written by Carlton Gilbert and Rider Moore (Sports Writers)

With the Coronavirus happening right now, lots of people are wondering what will happen to sports. Lots of seasons ended early this year with the hope they will return soon. People are wondering when it will come back and what changes will they make when they do come back.

The NHL’s season was put on pause on March 12th, and it looks like sometime this year the season will start again with just no fans. This is what a lot of sports are thinking right, now which sounds weird but it is the smart thing to do so that people don’t spread the virus. Because thousands of people go to the stadiums to watch games and are close together, it would be an easy place to spread sickness. But no fans people can still watch from home no one would spread the virus and they can watch sports against really is the best-case scenario.

Right now the NHL 2019-2020 season is just on pause to hopefully return sometime in the future, unlike the AHL (American hockey league) which officially canceled there season on May 11th. It seems like the NHL has no plans to cancel their season though, they are just waiting for it to be played at a later date. Part of the reason is to make back the money they lost. Even though the league is supposed to come back, what does that mean for the 2020-2021 season? No one knows at this time the future of the NHL, and it is very unclear with almost no one knowing.

It has been said that there are two ways the season might go forward next year, one is that 24 teams will play and the top four teams will play in the playoff seeding. The other way the season next year will go on is 16 teams go straight to the playoffs with no normal season games. So there’s a good chance one of those two options will be the one that they move forward with next season. Even though we don’t know when it is coming back we have an idea of what it will be like when it comes back

The future of all sports is still unclear and even how normal people live their lives is affected by the coronavirus. The best thing people can do is stay home, wash your hands, and be safe.


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