The Popular Chloe Ting Online Workouts That People are Loving During Quarantine

Written by Sierra Mattair and Sierra Bullock (Features Writers)

The shelter-in-place restrictions have changed the lives of many people.  Being active is very good for your physical and mental health, but for many people, it has been very difficult to stay active and keep in shape during this time in quarantine due to sports being canceled and parks being closed. However, there is a solution, online workouts! 

My favorite workout is from Chloe Ting’s online workout program. There are twelve workouts to choose from and they are all free! Depending on the workout, the duration can be anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks. Another great thing about them is that they are daily, so you get to be active every day while participating in one of her workout challenges. Her workouts do not require any special equipment, but it is suggested to have a fitness mat, and resistance bands to add some difficulty. Her workouts focus on your butt, fat loss, abs, waist slimming, thigh slimming, and arms. You can choose which one you want to focus on, or even multiple at a time, however, it is important not to push yourself too much at a time. When you choose a program, it shows you a complete schedule with what workouts videos to watch for each day. 

I interviewed three girls who are doing Chloe Ting’s workouts. I asked them all six questions: Which program/challenge are you doing right now? How many workouts have you done so far? How difficult are they on a scale of one to ten? How do the workouts make you feel? Do you see improvements from the workouts? Do you recommend Chloe Ting’s workout to others?. 

The first person I interviewed was sophomore Emma Gipson. She said, “I am doing the 25-day Hourglass challenge. I am on day eleven. They are about an eight or a nine, and sometimes when they have more workouts for the day it’s a level ten difficulty! During the workout, I am very tired, but after I feel refreshed and I am glad I do them. I am seeing improvements and I am only on day eleven so I am excited to see if there are more improvements by the end of the program! I do recommend the program because I think it is really beneficial to do every day and it works!” 

The next person I interviewed was sophomore Zoe Heath. She said, “I am doing the flat tummy workouts. I am on day five. I think there are about seven. When I am finished I feel like I accomplished something that I needed to and I feel healthier. I haven’t seen any big improvements but I definitely notice something. Yes, I recommend it, there are many options for what you want to work on and a good schedule.”

After that, I interviewed sophomore Marlee Hanning. She said, “I am doing the Hourglass challenge. I am on day nine. They are about eight on the hard scale. They make me feel like I am being productive and they make me feel good. I haven’t noticed improvements but I enjoy them. I definitely recommend the program.”

I am also doing Chloe Ting’s program. I am currently doing her 25-day Hourglass Challenge. I am on day sixteen and I am really enjoying the workouts. The workouts are pretty difficult but I feel amazing after. It keeps me active and in shape and I am actually seeing drastic changes in my body. I highly recommend her program to anyone who is looking to stay active or to improve their body in some way. I hope you give these workouts a try and have fun working out! This is a great option for females and males, however, it leans more towards girls. 

There does not seem to be a popular specific program for male workouts or exercise, but there are lots of alternative things to do like walking, running, biking, and hiking. Because of COVID-19 people cannot do the sports they would normally be doing. Lots of sports seasons were canceled, and everyone is stuck inside. It is hard to go from at least a decent amount of exercise and movement in a day to lots of relaxation time, being stuck indoors can take a large toll on mental and physical health. But of course, there are a lot of steps anyone can take to save themselves from getting out of shape during the quarantine. As the Chloe ting workout program is a great example of things to look into, there are of course more basic activities you can do on days that are free and easy. 

I have asked a couple of students how they are staying healthy and in shape during this hard time. A junior male says “I have been going on runs and walking my dog, and when I feel like it, doing a quick workout every once in a while. I have been pretty lazy during the quarantine because of being stuck inside and social distancing but it feels great to get some exercise every once in a while and at least get outside in the fresh air.” A female sophomore said “I have been doing lots of workouts from youtube to keep myself from getting too out of shape for quarantine and it feels like a great time to workout a lot because of all the time on our hands. I feel like I have nothing to do so much of the time that going on walks or hikes with my mom or dad is a good thing to do to fill time for me and when I am just home yes I watch a lot of Netflix too, but I also try to do workouts like Chloe Ting or Alexis Ren. They help me stay in shape during this time.”

It sure is a lot harder to stay active during a pandemic and these difficult times. However, there are some alternatives and lots of ways to stay at least a little athletic. Just Try your best to stay active and healthy during these times of confusion and chaos!

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