NBA Update Amidst Coronavirus

Written by Carter Cox and Ryan Hodge (Sports Writers)

The NBA season is having a lot of complications about whether they are going to cancel or not. But during these pressing times at least if the NBA is canceled they have NBA game pass for fans to watch. Lots of fans are questioning and wondering what will happen for the NBA season nothing is confirmed but, there have been a lot of things being said about what the season will look like. The NBA season could change a lot and it could impact history. 

The NBA season could get canceled on May 2, some NBA executives said that it was going to get canceled because of the coronavirus. This brought a lot of tension to players and fans. Basketball is a contact sport and it would increase the player’s ability to get the coronavirus so it would be good to protect the players but hard for the fans to see that the NBA season gets canceled. Lebron James a basketball player from the Lakers had to say “Absolutely not true and nobody should be canceling anything”. For a lot of players, they don’t want it to get canceled but there hasn’t been any confirmed decision that it is canceled. It is up to the commissioner of the NBA but, lots of fans really want to know what will happen to the NBA season. For other basketball players, they think that it would be a good idea so they can train extra hard for the next season and so they can have a more oranged offseason. It would be a positive side that the players would get more time so they can excel in the offseason and it would protect the players. But the negative side of it is that it would mess up the teams that worked hard to get first or top eight in the playoffs. It would also mess up NBA stats since the NBA stats of the season they did would unfortinantly will not count. 

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