How San Lorenzo Food for Families is Helping the Valley Greatly During These Times

Written by Beckett Glass (News Writer)

“Stronger Together!” Is the battle cry of the San Lorenzo Food for Families (SLVFF). For the past weeks on Wednesday evenings at seven, Mr. Lahey has been hosting a Facebook fundraiser for SLVFFF, it is a video compilation of songs from bands who are local and from around the valley. Some of the bands that have played are The Coffis Brothers, Cosmic Pinball, and The SLVHS teachers band. This display has shown great strength in our community through this crisis. It has shown how a community can unite under a banner to combat a common foe. The school is also distributing feminine hygiene products to students who need them, a program which was pioneered by Freshman Mikalya Shults.

Some students are joining in on Mr. Lahey’s music fundraiser. Freshman Seleona participated by sending in a video featuring a performance of West African Djembe Rhythms. Seleona said, “I feel accomplished and overall happy about contributing to something that helps others, it’s beneficial to them and to me because I feel like I have done something to help someone and knowing that is the greatest victory I can have!” 

SLVFF is a local organization devoted to the cause of ensuring that all SLV families have enough food to eat in these troubling times. As of May 5, SLVFF has raised over $10,000 for local families. This money goes towards purchasing grocery cards which are then distributed to families in need of them. 

Freshman Mikayla Shults, who has been involved in the distribution of the feminine products before the shelter in place order was given, was asked: “Has doing this given you a different perspective?” Shults responded “Definitely! At first, I wanted girls to be able to get period products at school. Soon after I started working on this, I realized that there are so many students who may not identify as female, who cannot afford these essentials or are embarrassed to get the products they need. Everyone has access to toilet paper at school, so why not pads and tampons? Just in the U.S. 1 in 4 teens have missed class because of a lack of access to period products. My mission is to show students, but especially adults, that helping out menstruating students with free products reduces fear, absence, and guilt about something that is NATURAL. Most importantly, I am creating an open and inclusive dialogue for the school.” 

It is a matter of great importance that our community works to help each other during this time of great crisis. I take great pride that when the call to help went out, it was answered. It is still of great importance that the community continues to support our friends and families. Helping those who need it. This notion is at the base of moral code if people can not adhere to it then it is a sad day. “Heroes are made by the times (Star Wars the Clone Wars S1: E8)”

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