Senior Spotlights

Written by Charlotte Gunion (Features Writer)

Amidst all of the CoronaVirus chaos, High School seniors worldwide are being shorted of one of their most important milestones. Senior year is what our childhoods lead up to. We all have dreamt of that final year in high school and everything that comes with it. Prom, graduation, college, freedom, and a new chapter of adulthood. Sadly, our 2020 seniors will miss out on two of those biggest milestones. So, to make the situation a little less painful, Mrs. Hackett has created the 2020 Senior Spotlights! Everyday, we shine the spotlight on a few of our seniors and learn a little bit more about them. Our first two seniors were Eva Warne and Ani Klamner! Eva has been involved in Varsity WaterPolo for 4 years, and in theater for 3 years. After High School, Eva plans to “move to Chicago for school. I’m attending Columbia College Chicago for Live Sound Reinforcement with a minor in creative fiction writing. I aim to work in the music industry and possibly travel to Korea and work in their music scene.” Ani’s favorite High School memory was when “me and my friends all went to one person’s house before Winter Formal junior year and got ready for the dance together. My favorite kind of chaotic.” Ani’s senior quote is “It wasn’t a phase Mom.”

 Next up, we have Maxx Amos and Maximus Wildey! Throughout high school, Maxx has been involved in boys water polo for “all 4 years, 3 years in ASB (currently ASB treasurer), active member of Interact club, and 2 years of reading the daily bulletin.” After High School, Maxx plans to be “living and playing rugby in New Zealand for 6 months before beginning school at Santa Barbara City College then transferring into Arizona State University to study sports journalism.” After Maximus graduates, he plans to become an “engineer maybe in construction and I will be working at the movie theatre in Scotts Valley when it opens back up again”. His senior quote is, “Yes, I did football and cheer and no, I didn’t cheer at my football games”. 

In the third edition, we had three senior spotlights! They went to River Band, Cami Johnson, and Trais Loik. In River’s freetime, she likes to “sing, swim, and go on hikes with my family and friends!”. After River graduates, she plans to be “attending Cabrillo and then hope to transfer to UCSC after two years; I am going to major in early childhood development and hope to be an elementary school teacher after college!” Cami’s favorite High School memories happened during all of the football games and the Red Sea basketball games. Her senior quote is “Wait… there’s a test today?”. After Travis graduates, he will be attending “University of Denver, I want to get a major in international business, with a minor in urban planning.” His senior quote is “I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.” 

For our fourth edition, we had four senior spotlights! The spotlights went to Eve Cunningham, Ming Triulzi, Olivia Lapioli, and Seamus McMillan. After graduation, Eve plans to “attend a Defib EMT program over the summer, while also volunteering at Dominican Hospital. After that, I’m attending Dominican University where I will major in Bioscience pre-med. My high school goal is to become a surgical physician’s assistant and work in a local area near my family and friends.” Her senior quote is “It’s going to be legen…wait for it…and I hope you’re not lactose-intolerant cause the second half of that word is…dairy!” ― Barney Stinson. Throughout High School, Ming has been involved in the Anti-Stress club and the Astronomy club! After High School she plans to be “attending University of Puget Sound. I am very excited to go up to Washington for school. I know who my roommate will be, and we have been talking and getting along really well. I’m thinking of majoring in the Science & Ethics program and possibly minoring in German. Eventually, I plan on going into the medical field, and as of now I want to become a Doctor of Osteopathic practicing on the family medicine side and specializing in contraceptive medicine, but my mind may change, and that is okay.” Olivia is planning to  “attending Cabrillo Community College for my first few years, majoring in Early Childhood Development! I will be working at Jiatellas while I’m attending Cabrillo! A goal of mine after high school is to travel as much as possible!” And her senior quote is, “Guys: my hair isn’t strawberry, it’s just blonde”. During his years at SLVHS, Seamus has been involved in “football all four years of high school as well as partaking in one theater production. I was also the co-President of the Hackysack Club with my co-founders Zach Kanter and Quinn Herzon. Additionally, I entered the Santa Cruz County Youth for Environmental Action Leadership group with my friends Quinn and Isaac Wallace-Menge to attempt to undo what boomers have ruined for decades. I spend the majority of my free time at Rockview blasting music and hacky sacking with the boys.” His senior quote is, “AHHHHH UNCLE OWEN!!!! THIS R2 UNIT HAS A BAD MOTIVATOR.” 

Now onto our fifth edition, where we featured three seniors: Zack Kanter, Tasina Westberg, and Austin Whisler. During High School, Zack has “played four years of Varsity tennis during my time at SLVHS. In my free time, I take photographs and attempt to better myself mentally.” After graduation, he plans to  “going to CalPoly SLO, majoring in Art & Design concentrating in Photography”. After she graduates, Tasina plans to be “attending ESSEC Business School in Cergy, France, pursuing a Global BBA; conquering the world!” Her senior quote is, “Every day is a soirée.” During High School, Austin has been “heavily involved with Theater, and Music. Co-director of this year’s fall production “Like, Like Like?” and featured male dancer in this year’s musical, Chicago. I have been thoroughly committed to the Track and Field team all four years. I was the unofficial coach for the throwers and was looking forward to a terrific season this year. I ran with the sprinters as well (usually the guy who made everyone else feel better about the way their workout was going). I also jumped as part of the Decathlon, but then when I was High Jumping the ambulance had to drive onto the track for me during a race… I don’t remember it well.” His senior quote is, “Practice didn’t work.” 

Our most recent senior spotlights (on April 28th), featured four seniors: Quinn Herzon, Abby Monroy, Callie Solberg, and Lori Claes. During his High School career, Quinn has been involved in “cross country for two years and played volleyball for three and a half years, two of which were spent on varsity (I played part of my sophomore year on varsity and what was playable of my senior year adding up to 1 (one) year along with my junior year which I played all of on varsity).” After graduation, he plans to be going to either “SBCC or Cabrillo and then transfer to UCSB.” After she graduates, Abby plans to “going to Cabrillo for two years and transferring to San Diego State University to study Kinesiology. Until then, I will continue to work at O’Neill.” Her senior quote is, “You know what they say… oh well…” – Mr. Morris. Throughout her High School career, Callie has been involved with “water polo and swim for four years, leading NCBI, working as head editor for our school newspaper, and joining in lots of amazing lip syncs, dances, and spirit weeks”. She plans to attend Pacific Lutheran University in Washington under the International Honors program. Her senior quote is, “The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.” – Joseph Campbell. After she graduates, Lori plans to be “attending Evergreen Valley College and finding a career I will fall in love with. After high school, my goals are to apply to the Disney College Program, stay in touch with friends and make new ones in college, and live the fullest life I can.” Lori’s favorite High School memory was “being with my friends, laughing and goofing off.” 

I hope that after reading this story, you have gained an extra sense of appreciation for our 2020 seniors! They have worked extremely hard for everything that they have and plan to accomplish. If you enjoyed learning these fun facts about a handful of our seniors, keep an eye out for Mrs. Hackett’s daily emails with new additions to the list! Congratulations to the 2020 seniors!




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