ACT and SAT Exams Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

Written by Tasia Lundburg (News Writer)

Even though coronavirus seems to have taken everything away from the current senior classes such as prom, graduation, and overall any end of the school year event, however, just because one class is cursed with the worse of corona does not mean all classes are not affected.

Because of coronavirus, many schools have been becoming lenient with grading and the homework load. This leniency has extended to colleges too because with social distancing many SAT and ACT tests have been canceled due to Coronavirus prevention. However, this disadvantage may turn out to be an advantage. Many colleges now are making SAT and ACT test score admissions optional because of the lack of availability to be able to take the tests, so instead of having scores being apart of admission, colleges will focus more on either essay questions if it is a UC or overall GPA if is a CSU for the Freshman class of 2021. Some colleges are even thinking of using this as a test run to get rid of SAT and ACT scores in general.

Along with many colleges not taking SAT or ACT scores, more colleges are going to be handing out fee wavers so it would be easier to afford to submit applications to colleges, for students and household who are struggling with income due to coronavirus

Opinions on the optional of SAT and ACT scores vary, most students are completely fine with it, while others are worried over if their college will be adapting to these changes. One student says,¨I’m Ballin because not being able to take the SAT this school year has completely messed up my plans, but it is nice to have some options I can lean towards just in case there are not SATs early next year.¨ This student expressed that their future plans have been affected because they do not know what route their college is interested in taking. Other students expressed not really having worries about it due to the lack of career choices.

Even though SATs and ACTswhere affected, AP (advance placement) tests were only slightly affected. The AP tests are now online and instead of being three hours long, the tests are now forty-five minutes long. The only thing that has not changed is the AP test price. Though some colleges are not excepting the 3, 4, and 5 scores as the same weight as previous tests because of the shortening. Each test has one date to take it depending on your AP, and one makes up a day in June that is only essential if there is some emergency. Some students are worried about this test because they have at home distractions and some do not think it’s worth the price compared to the time.

Despite Coronavirus causing a lot of downfalls for the freshman class of 2020, there are still some hopes for the freshman class of 2021. The most important thing about this situation, however, is to make sure to keep social distancing so we can prevent the virus from spreading into any further classes. Stay safe and inside!

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