2020 Presidential Race Update

Written by Joaquin Cruz (News Writer)

As of April 8th, Senator Bernie Sanders running for the Democratic nomination for the 2020 election after dropping out in 2016, has suspended his campaign and endorsed Joe Biden, another Democratic member running for the nomination for the presidential spot against Donald Trump, the incumbent. Bernie suspended his campaign due to the ongoing events of Covid-19, the low numbers of delegates needed, and the people putting their votes towards Joe Biden. In this case, the republican side, specifically Donald Trump has been using the pandemic to his party’s advantage by using money as a key resource to get the people to vote for him. Alongside the democratic side, the last president we had, Barack Obama,  recently came out in a video stating that he would endorse Joe Biden as he was a “good friend” and was the vice president of Obama during his presidency. Passing the endorsement, recently Wisconsin, as well as other states, are going through the primary votes, Wisconsin, Alaska, and Wyoming being the most recent to go through the votes this month. All three states were won by Joe Biden, raising his delegate number to 1305.At the time of the Wisconson votes, Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign after the larger increase of delegate numbers for Joe Biden. At the moment almost every state is on hold during the pandemic, making it very hard to continue voting for the primaries, especially with the race at hand. The majority of blue states have been shut down as well as red states, but as of recently Texas has announced they would re-open and other states have begun to take the pandemic into manipulation, specifically red states to increase the chances of getting more votes, especially after the stimulus checks were sent out to workers and families.Recently, on Thursday the 23rd, Joe Biden had stated on a virtual fundraiser event that he believes Donald Trump could postpone the election or push it back due to the coronavirus. This was due to multiple states having either postponed or canceled voting events for the time being, which becomes an issue for this upcoming election and finalization of primary votes. There hasn’t been much else that relates to the upcoming primary election nor the final presidential election coming up later in November. More will be updated as the election inches closer.

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