What the NCAA is Doing With Sports Affected by COVID-19

Written by Carlton Gilbert and Ryan Hodge (Sports Writers)

The NCAA or National College Athletic Association has cancelled all sports happening right now because of coronavirus. The question is will sports return next year or not? The NCAA hasn’t made an announcement that it has been cancelled yet so it seems like they are planning on continuing with all of the  sports next year.

Since sports like baseball and softball are cancelled right now people are wondering if the 2020 football season for college sports will still happen. They haven’t cancelled it yet but if corona is still  a problem as big as it is now in August then they will most likely cancel it. As of now it seems they have no plans to cancel any of the upcoming sports that start in August.

With no one really knowing that much about the virus the estimate for when a vaccine is available. They could possibly play just with no fans but right now corona is still infecting tons of people every single day when the time comes around and its still there they should make the right decision. That would be not just doing it for money, since a lot of schools are losing millions of dollars that they would get with ticket sales from sports this could end up affecting the whole college. An estimate of 100 million dollars is what some colleges have the potential of losing, they could raise the tuition which some people can’t afford, which results in leaving the school or get a student loan they have to pay off for the rest of their life. Sports make a lot of money for schools, especially division one schools. NCAA sports make an estimated one billion dollars every year money that can help fund the schools so if they stay canceled for next year then they will most likely have to raise the tuition at a lot of schools.

The NCAA has said they will not consider cutting sports so all minimum of sixteen required varsity sports for division one schools will still be played.  According to them, unless earlier in this year people were afraid the only sports that would be kept and not cut for virus reasons would be the ones that make money. A big fear for people who play golf since its a non revenue sport, people thought it would be on the chopping block. It is now known its not same with olympic sports that don’t make revenue it seems like they have no plans of slowing down because of corona.

March Madness was canceled this year which isn’t just big for college sports but all sports in general. But almost every basketball fan will watch March Madness and it sells a lot of tickets, a huge money maker for the NCAA. There were rumors they would do it without fans and televise it, but it was fully cancelled like all sports at this moment.  As of now it seems like most sports are going to start up again after the summer, specifically college football. It seems it will continue to go on almost no talk of cancelling, the schedule is already online,  lots of people are now waiting for the return of sports since the corona virus shut them down.  People all around the world haven’t been able to watch live sports to help pass time since everyones stuck inside all day. It seems like the NCAA will not cancel anymore sports so in a few months people will be able to watch college sports again hopefully. 


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