SLVHS had Virtual Spirit Week to Lighten the Mood and Bring Some fun to Students

Written by Jersey Collins (Features Writer)


During this tough time of staying home and not being able to out go and hang with friends, the ASB class at San Lorenzo Valley High School decided to have fun at home, virtual spirit week. Movie Monday, Tye-dye Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Fancy Friday and free pizza day! It made this quarantine a lot more fun than it has been. 

Movie Monday was a day to dress up as a movie or show character and send Mrs. Hackett a picture of your costume and to also tell her what your favorite movie was and your favorite quote. 

Tye-dye Tuesday is exactly how it sounds. Dress up wearing all tie-dye clothes. This was one of my favorite ones because I like tie-dye clothes and making tie-dye clothes are even better.

Workout Wednesday was also pretty fun because you got to wear workout clothes all day. Then you would take a picture and post it and even say what your favorite workout you ever did was. I like the leg, butt, and ab workout. Those are the most fun for me and they can be pretty challenging. 

Throwback Thursday was a day to post a picture of yourself before high school or recreate a picture of yourself before high school. This was fun. has a video of some of our teachers dancing  to the song, “Dancin’ with Myself” and the video was made by Amber Walker.

Fancy Friday was  a day to dress up as fancy as you could and do your makeup as glam as you could. It was pretty fun! Free pizza was given out on Friday too. You could have come to BCE from 11-1 or the SLE cafeteria from 12-2 to get a free slice of pizza. That was a very nice thing for the school to do.

I asked a few people what they thought of staying home from school because of the coronavirus. A sophomore girl said, “It sucks because now I can’t see my friends anymore and it is going to be way harder than regular school.” A sophomore boy said, “I would rather be at [actual] school because it is hard [online].” The people I asked all thought that it sucked staying at home and said that school is way harder for them and that they feel bad for the seniors who can’t finish their last season of whatever sport they played, let alone properly finish their high school career on their own campus. 

I give a big thank you to the ASB class for  a virtual spirit week because it lightened up most people’s moods. Some people dressed up and other people didn’t but, overall, it was a very good idea.

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