An app That can Deliver Your Favorite Foods Right to Your Door

Written by Micah Jewell (Features Writer)

Our whole world has been going through some crazy times lately with local stores everywhere closing their doors and some even saying goodbye forever. We all can really see how serious this is. The state of California has been issued a shelter-in-place order. This means you are not allowed to go outside of your house unless it is for the essentials reasons and needs, such as getting food, water, gas, and pharmaceutical needs or supplies.

Everyone wants to go outside and live their normal lives again. We all want to hang out with our friends, eat at restaurants, and go to sports games and concerts but the reality is that none of that is going to happen, for the time being. Luckily, there is a way that you could still eat your favorite foods and not even have to walk out your door, by using a simple app: DoorDash! You can download this app on the app store or Google Play. In this app, it makes a table for you to buy your favorite meals and not have to go there and risk the chance that you might catch Coronavirus.

The idea to make this app first started in San Francisco and it now has served the needs of over 900 million customers from the Bay Area all the way to Florida! Almost anyone in the USA would know what DoorDash is. DoorDash has done many collaboration deals with some of the biggest names in the food industry, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Panda Express, Wingstop, and many more!

DoorDash is not only a big deal in the United States of America but also in Canada. DoorDash is very simple to use. You download this free app on the app store or Google Play and you can allow it to access your location so the workers for it know where to deliver the food. After that, you put in your credit card information so the driver from the restaurant you ordered from knows he’s getting paid automatically. Simply, with a couple of touches on a screen, you can order and buy your food while not having to leave your couch.

I ordered Panda Express to get delivered to my house from Santa Cruz and they said it would be about a 45-minute drive which I was okay with. The guy who picked up my food was named Eddie. He did a very good job so I would give him an eight out of ten, only because he forgot my chopsticks. Doordash will deliver to almost anywhere unless you live somewhere where they can’t reach you. Doordash is usually meant for bigger businesses and fast food chains so it comes to you a lot faster.

There are lots of other businesses just like DoorDash who will pick up food from the restaurant and then deliver it to your houses such as Postmates and Uber Eats. Postmates has been shown to be the best by reviewers but DoorDash is used a lot more within the US. Some people cannot get DoorDash, such as those who live in the mountains of Boulder Creek or Bonny doon but in almost all of the rest of San Lorenzo Valley and Santa Cruz County, they will deliver food right to your door. 

Some people are not big fans of DoorDash and would rather just drive themselves to the restaurant itself and pick it up through the drive-thru. I asked Billy Bowers if he liked DoorDash and he said he didn’t like it that much because his order from Burger King came to him cold and the guy who was driving had a car that was not in the best condition, which did not seem that professional. Overall, DoorDash is either something that you really like or really don’t, so why not test it out for yourself? Give this convenient app a try during this time quarantining. Why not?

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