Coronavirus Lockdown Impacting Spring Sports at SLV

Written by Sequoia Loya and Carlton Gilbert (Sports Writers)

With coronavirus shutting down the school for the rest of the school year the school sports have been canceled though most people would like to finish the sports season it probably is the smart decision I think people would rather not play sports then get corona.

 Now, with all of the spring sports seasons ending earlier than expected because of COVID-19 all though it is a bummer to the people on the teams it probably is the right thing to do because as of now 80 people in Santa Cruz county have it and over 1 million worldwide and school and sporting events could help spread it, even more, the seasons being canceled is bad for the student-athletes at the school all were probably looking forward to this upcoming season the seniors have it the worst with not being able to play in their final season of high school this was the last time they were able to play a sport for the school and it ended shortly. All seemed to be unhappy with their seasons being ended. 

Next year hopefully everyone but the seniors will get to play the sport again still they lost one year of the sport so instead of all four years they’re only able to play three years.

The Coronavirus has reached over one million people and is still climbing. The school of SLV has been canceled for some time now and will remain closed for the rest of the school year. Everything has been shut down, including all of the sports programs. Because many of our student-athletes are moving out of high school next year, they will lose most of their opportunity to prove themselves on a sports team. 

When asked about the baseball season being canceled senior Ethan Slaven said “I’m honestly pretty bummed about the season being canceled because we were all having a super great time and it sucks to have it all taken away from us”  another senior player Reid Olmsted had this to say about the season being canceled “I‘ve played baseball for the past 12 years of my life and this was going to be my last and final season so I was super amped and ready to play but when I found out that we were no longer going to continue the season due to COVID-19 I was crushed but I do think the decision to stop all sports was the right thing to do. I just wish I could’ve finished what I started all those years ago.”  

One of our Cougar swimming players expressed, ¨I’m sad, especially since I didn’t even get to go to a single swim meet. Our first swim meet was canceled the day before it was supposed to happen which really bummed me out.¨ A player from our tennis team commented, ¨Tennis is an amazing team sport and it is the ability to play outdoors amongst friends that make it such a great sport to play in high school and throughout the rest of our lives. However, due to current circumstances, the other tennis players and I have been confined to just our homes and being forced to leave with our rackets in their cases waiting to be played once again. well, there is nothing stopping me from going and practicing at local tennis courts alone, there is great sorrow in these trying times.¨ 

Many of the players are disappointed due to the chaos and isolation that this virus has brought about. These sudden changes have been brought to us so quickly and with very little time to process them, however, it is important to remember that we will come out stronger. We will hopefully appreciate our loved ones, our school, and the ability to move around our world freely as we never have before.

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