What the NHL is Doing Due to COVID-19

Written by Ryan Hodge and Carter Cox (Sports Writers) Coming down to the last twelve games before the playoffs, the hockey teams were fighting to try to get a spot into the playoffs and with fans nervous and excited for the end of the season it was going to be guaranteed a good end of the regular season with a nail biter for some teams. But, on March 19, 2020, the NHL decided to suspend their season after an NBA player named Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus. The NHL and NBA shared some of the same buildings and so the NHL was concerned that an NHL player probably has it if they share some of the same buildings. So they decided to suspend their sports until further notice. The coronavirus was unexpected and it has affected the NHL and specifically the players, the fans, and gameplay. 

First the NHL has been affected by the coronavirus because there’s nothing better than going to a hockey game near the end of the season where spirits are high while the teams try to finish with the best record they can. But, with the NHL season suspended the fans don’t get to have that experience and they don’t get to watch their favorite team finish of the season. The season is undecided when the season will start back up but the NHL has offered to let fans watch any game from the past that they want for free. The virus has affected the fans because they love the game and it is hard to see that it is postponed. It can also be hard for the fans because they are scared that the season might not start up again. 

Second, the coronavirus has affected the players because the players aren’t able to have the in game experience that they need before they go to the playoffs. It also is hard for the players too because while the games are postponed they can’t practice because the NHL advised the NHL teams not to practice. It will be hard for the players because they can’t get the practice that they need but they will have to learn to adapt. It can be hard for the hockey players to have hope for the hockey season not starting up for them but, there is hope that the season will start back up again soon. On the bright side though the players get to go back home and spend their time with their family and by staying inside the players are getting the protection that they need so it is less likely that they get the virus. 

The coronavirus has affected the scheduling aspect for the NHL because the original plan for the NHL season to end was on April 4. But now the schedule has changed because of the coronavirus and the games are postponed depending on how much the virus spreads. So the season will end later than the normal season. The NHL still hopes to finish the regular season and to have a Stanley Cup winner. But, the NHL has talked about a way to try to help the scheduling aspect of it. The way they thought is to cancel the rest of the NHL games and to go straight into the playoffs . But, the NHL is talking about doing a mini playoffs as another solution out of twenty to twenty-four teams to show seeding for the Stanley cup playoffs. The only thing though about this is that it will give teams the chance to catch up if they were behind in the regular season which there are pros and cons to it. The reason they thought behind it was so they don’t have to continue into the summer. But the only thing is that the teams that were battling for a playoff spot wouldn’t make it which wouldn’t be fair for them. The coronavirus has affected the scheduling of the NHL but how much is the real question that people want to know. Leagues are starting to cancel their seasons but the NHL most likely won’t cancel their season. 

In review the coronavirus has affected the NHL in many ways but don’t give up hope.


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