Some Ideas to Help you Stay Busy During the Shelter-in-Place

Written by Jersey Collins (Features Writer) We all know about the Coronavirus or COVID-19… Well, it’s stopping everybody from being able to go to school, go to work, play sports, go outside, and just simply hang out with people. Now, all the students within multiple California Counties have to do online schooling at home and some workers have to work online as well. There are a couple of things we can do; read, write, hang out with family, play board games, draw, take a walk in your neighborhood, and maybe do some workouts.  Bu overall, there aren’t too many things we can do. 

When we are stuck at home all day long, you can read or write. Reading and writing might not be the best thing for some people but it can be fun for others. You might just want to try something new, I mean why not you might actually enjoy it and become good at it. It’s not like we’re doing anything else. It can be very relaxing and it gives your brain a workout. Some sophomores said they love to read and write while others said it was the worst thing for them and they did not want to do. 

This virus is causing people to stay at home 24/7. This gives you way more time to hang out with your family. That is always fun. You can play board games, watch movies, eat lots of food. It’s not fun to stay at home all day long, it sucks but then you get more family time. 

Another thing to do is walk around your neighborhood. Yeah, we are not really allowed to leave the house but we have to get some fresh air somehow and it can make your day more fun. You can walk your dog too. Since this is one of the most active things to do, I heard a lot of people do this often and it has been one of their favorite things to do, even before the coronavirus. 

Working out is an amazing way to relieve stress and it keeps you busy. I personally love working out and it’s so much fun and can be very exciting. A couple of sophomores also said this was one of the best ways to keep busy. One said, “Who needs a gym when you can just workout at home?” I strongly agree with this statement.


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