Rich and Famous Take Testing Priority Over General Public

Written by Kayla White (News Writer)

The Coronavirus is exponentially spreading every day, with more and more people showing symptoms. The US is experiencing a shortage of tests, meaning that any tests that are given to the 1% reduce the access for those who are actually symptomatic. The rich and famous are a major part of that 1%, getting tested before any symptoms show up. 

Politicians, celebrities, social media influencers and even NBA teams have had the privilege of access to getting tested for the Coronavirus. Due to counties having a shortage of tests, the number of citizens and even healthcare workers showing symptoms are unable to be tested have been increasing. As the number of patients increases, the number of tests that are given the rich increases. Eight teams were tested in the NBAPresident of the Golden State Warriors, Bob Myers agrees that the teams have had an access advantage to these tests and doesn’t think that it is fair to the public. He also announced that no Warriors coach, player, or staff member would be tested until symptomatic, and only then in accordance with government guidelines.

Ridiculously enough, the countries where the virus is barely spreading have been able to receive tests easily. While highly populated areas in the US, like New York, California, Washington State, and Massachusetts, tests have failed to be given to the public. The tests have been incredibly difficult to obtain, as well as produce for the public, that the New York City Health Department has instructed doctors only to test patients that are hospitalized. Even healthcare workers are facing the same problem, and are told to self-quarantine.

But apparently as long as you have a certain amount of followers, you will receive the treatment that so many people need. Arielle Charnas, A influencer on Instagram in Manhattan with 1.3 million followers, posted that she simply had a sore throat and a fever for the past two days. Coincidently, she had a friend Dr. Jake Deutsch whos, in fact, the founder of Cure Urgent Care and agreed to test her. Two days after she was swabbed from her car, she posted a statement, tagging  Dr. Jake Deutsch, letting her followers know her test was positive. It wasn’t until after Arielle received her on-the-spot testing did she realize that the public wasn’t getting the instant care that they are in need. In a statement on her Instagram, Arielle said: “I realize that there are many individuals, both in New York City, and nationwide, who do not have the ability to receive immediate medical care at the first sign of sickness, and access to care is #1 priority in a time like this.”

This has come to the attention of President Trump who has spoken lightly on the subject. Trump explained that the well-to-do and well-connected shouldn’t be the top priority for coronavirus tests. However,  being in the rank that he is in, he proclaimed that the rich and famous sometimes get perks. During a briefing at the White House, Trump announced that “Perhaps that’s been the story of life, That does happen on occasion. And I’ve noticed where some people have been tested fairly quickly.” As Trump previously mentioned, due to a certain ranking in wealth, people have been tested fairly quickly. But what is being done about the public receiving the test that they need? 

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