Measure S Passes with 55.12%; SLVUSD to Use $75 Million Dollars for Repairs and Improvements

Written by Beckett Glass (News Writer)

Measure S passed with 55.12%, and SLVUSD will now receive $75,000,000 dollars in bonds. The bonds will be used for infrastructure upgrades, including: Parking Lot expansion and installation of solar panels for energy efficiency and air conditioning in every school (SLVUSD). 

Sophomore Jack McCork commented about Measure S: “I supported Measure S because it will free up money that will go towards repairs and it would help our staff because they make financial sacrifices to serve our communities.”

Measure S was not the only measure on the ballot, however. In addition to S, there is Measure R, which is to improve Cabrillo College. In addition to the two measures, there was to be a statewide proposition on the ballot called Proposition 13 (Prop 13) suggested by the state legislature if it passed, it would have given $15 billion in bonds to school districts and public universities as well as community colleges for improvements to facilities. Neither Prop 13 nor Measure R passed.  

Since Measure S  passed, it will allocate $75 million dollars for the improvement and modernization of classrooms and schools in SLVUSD. 6,055 yes votes, 55.12% yes. 4,931 no, 44.88 =% no, and we needed to have 55% to pass.

Dr. Bruton was asked, How will the funds for Measure S be used?” She replied by saying, “Measure S is a school facility Bond measure for SLVUSD. The SLV schools will be renovated and several older buildings that are not in good shape will be removed and replaced with a more modern facility. Every school will receive remodeled or modernized classrooms, new roofs, storage, air conditioning/heating upgrades, painting and  repairs, parking lot upgrades, and bus pull in areas.”

According to Dr. Bruton, additional areas that will be improved are CTE Building for Tech & AgriScience, D & E Wing SLVHS, Admin Building HS & MS, Kindergarten wings, Music/Band room SLVMS/SLVHS, as well as science classroom modernization. Those who oppose Measure S argue that it will raise property taxes far too much over a thirty-five year period. Those who support Measure S argue that it will repair the schools and add modernized classrooms.

The other local measure that was voted on but did not pass is Measure R in Cabrillo College district which would have upgraded and repaired classrooms, wiring, and other infrastructure, constructing and acquiring buildings and facilities. Those who favored Measure R argue that it will allow for Cabrillo College to better prepare the students for transfer, and to prepare veterans to enter the workforce after military service as well as providing good training to firefighters and trainee police officers. It would have also allowed Cabrillo College to make infrastructure upgrades to older buildings, and to build advanced labs for STEM education.

Those who opposed the measure argued that the tax increases are not worth it and that it will just add on to the other bonds for Cabrillo which are also tax-funded. They also argued that professional training (Police and Fire) will move elsewhere due to the high cost of living or better pay. They also argue that Cabrillo has not budgeted any construction but they got a bond for that purpose years back.

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