How the Cancellation of SLVHS is Affecting People

Written by Cherise Gombatz (Features Writer) With only a couple of months of school remaining, many seniors were looking forward to going to prom and graduation with all their friends. But now that school is cancelled until May, the effect it is having on seniors may be more than it seems.

As of March 25th, we are not going back to school until May 6th at the soonest, which means many events will be postponed. This would include prom, graduation, senior season, and more! On top of their events possibly being cancelled, seniors that are going away for college, may not get to see some of their school friends again. Plus, the class of 2020 doesn’t even get to experience their final year of high school with all their friends, assuming school will be cancelled for the rest of the year, and if we do go back there will only be one month left of school. Seniors that are in sports might have missed their chance to go to state or championships with their high school team. But the plus side is, as of the week of March 23rd, no senior events are officially cancelled but the events that are coming up soon will have to be postponed until everyone is allowed back to the school.

Although seniors are having the hardest time with the school cancellation, teachers also are having to go through a lot of stress to make online schooling work. With planning the work for the next couple of months, and having to make classes like band, choir, and ceramics work for online learning. Many teachers are learning that online school isn’t as simple as carrying out their existing lesson plans at home. Teachers may have already had an outline with the rest of the school year, with labs for science classes, concerts for band and choir, and art projects that will no longer work from home. Although it is difficult everyone is trying their best to make online schooling work.

During this challenging time, just remember that you’re not alone and seniors all over the world are experiencing this exact same thing. So stay healthy, keep your spirits up, find a good movie, book, or show and try to enjoy learning from home.


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