Virginia Senator Profits From Early Knowledge of Coronavirus

Written by Dean Ricigliano (News Writer)

The coronavirus is an international life-threatening crisis and reliable information on the topic is hard to come across. It should be the government’s duty to inform the public and keep us safe but that’s where Senator Richard Burr of Virginia went wrong. Senator Burr decided to resign from office due to the fact that he released valuable information about the coronavirus to his wealthy donors instead of the Public. On top of that, Burr sold $1.6 million worth of his own stocks and it seems that he is almost profiting off of COVID 19

In early February, the senator was releasing valuable information but not to the public, but instead to his supporters and donors. It is the duty of a senator to care about the people of this nation and protect the well-being of the civilians in the state. It is outright corrupt to let a man claiming to be helping this nation grow is only in it for the money.

Richard Burr stated that “the United States today is better prepared than ever before to face emerging public health threats, like the coronavirus,“ yet he said this right after he unloaded his stock money as soon as the stock market started to crash. These actions aren’t just. The United States of America is a nation built for the people, not purely for the wealthy. 

Burr’s actions have many in complete outrage. Even members of his intelligence committee are disappointed. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the chairman of his intelligence committee, tweeted “ got privacy briefings about coronavirus weeks ago. Burrknew how bad it would be. He told the truth the only wealthy donors, I was showing the public that we were fine. Then he sold off 1.6 million in stocks before the fall. He needs to resign.“ People all across the nation, especially in North Carolina, are doing what they can to have him removed but his actions already affected the lives in millions.

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