The Boys’ Golf Team is Looking Good on the Green for the Upcoming Season

The boys’ golf team is a group of players that have faced many obstacles and challenges on their journey to become a golf player. One example of a player and his journey is with his father and his grandpa and how they taught him how to play golf. His grandfather who is now ninety-three years old, still plays golf which is a huge inspiration to him and has given him all sorts of tips and helped him get better at the game. Even though the players face challenges like having a normal fear of growing up, playing tournaments while not being sure how they are going to do, with the help from their parents and teammates, they help you see that just doing your main warm-up and staying square and being the best that you do, then everything will work out.

The golf team has been on good terms so far and the players from last year have improved and gotten better every single day and their efforts have paid off because they are doing well. The freshman who played golf in middle school are rocking it, playing pretty well and are improving with big steps. Practicing four days a week, the players and the coach have worked very hard in the off-season to get the techniques down and are still improving with every stroke. When I asked a player how hard they think the team works they said, “every player has worked hard and focused on what the coach is telling them and they have improved a lot from last year.” The golf team is not giving up easily no matter how hard it is, the SLV cougars are just beginning their journey.

The season started on March 3rd and so far the golf team has been a life-changing experience and a fun season for the team. When I asked a player how much golf has impacted their life, they said, “golf has impacted me so much because golf is my main sport. A lot of people don’t like the game of golf because they think it’s just a club hitting a ball but it’s more than that. When you hit the ball well you want to play more, it starts to get fun.” The game is very fun once you give it a chance and the players have given it the chance.

The team’s season so far has been awesome and they are getting better and better.  The team’s season last year was not the best in the form of wins but what they didn’t do well with in the form of wins, they made up for the team spirit. They always supported one another. Now the cougars look to improve from last season and start getting some wins.

The golf team is a team that has positive influences on each other. The team is a team that works together when they are practicing or playing. The chemistry of the golf team is excellent, with the people being positive influences on each other. When I asked a player how the golf team has positive influences on each other and how they have good team chemistry they said, “the team has fun, we have a good time playing together and that’s what makes it awesome and we can build good friendships through golf.”

In review, the SLV boys’ varsity golf team have overcome many challenges, the team has improved and gotten a lot better, the golf team is a life-changing experience, and the team is looking good so you should come out and catch a few matches.

By Carter Cox and Ryan Hodge

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