SLV Boys’ Volleyball is Hoping to Crush the Season

Last year, the SLV boys’ volleyball team was facing Santa Cruz High in a close battle, the game was back and forth with amazing plays from both ends of the side. Santa Cruz had won two of the three games in the match by only a little and SLV was staying close behind them the whole time but they could not catch up to Santa Cruz. SLV battled it out until the last game of the match but in the end Santa Cruz beat SLV. Despite the loss, SLV played phenomenal. The final score against Santa Cruz in the last round was 25-21. Even though SLV lost all the games from last season, the team has been working super hard to try to overcome the last season they had and they hope to win all the games they can. Last year the SLV cougars, unfortunately, did not win a round but what did have was a lot of team spirit. The team has been practicing five days a week and has a strong work ethic to get even better. The cougars will try to win a round in volleyball and also win a game while keeping up the positive vibes of the team. The cougars have mastered the ability of team spirit but they want to try to win some games along the way. This season will hopefully be a promising one in all aspects. 

The team spirit aspect of the volleyball team is like no other; they always have a positive attitude whether they are winning or losing. Some games last year at times were rough or they were right behind the team but could not catch up. The team always looked on the bright side of things despite a frustrating season. The cougars should be proud of the team spirit they have produced for each other. The spirit helps the team to be able to do better as a team because they have a lot of heart and they have the ability to fall and rise. The seniors on the team try to produce as much positivity to the underclassman and juniors so they can be a role model to them.  The team is always positive and that helps the team strive for success. 

The team officially started the season on March second and played away against St. Francis High School. The team was excited and nervous for the first game of the season. As a result, after a close and tough game against St. Francis it resulted in a win for SLV. This is a huge accomplishment for the team because they have snapped the losing streak of last year. It gave the team hope and it helped them get inspired for the rest of the season. The varsity boys’ volleyball team has already started off the season better than last year. The game was fought well on both sides and both teams did not look like they were going to give up. But, in the end, SLV came up on top. The team started out with a record of (1-0) in the season. 

In review, the team has overcome their tough season from last year, they have great team spirit, and the team has done well so far. That is why you should come out to see the SLV volleyball team play. 

By Carter Cox and Ryan Hodge


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