Putin Sends Promise of Endorsement to Trump and Sanders

Story by Joaquin Cruz (News Writer)

Recently in political news, Putin gave a personal message to Donald Trump stating that he’d make an endorsement to him, as well as Bernie Sanders. In this case, people are beginning and will worry about this message due to the 2016 presidential election in which the public, as well as multiple people in political news, had found that Russia had been caught tampering with the votes of the people to get Trump in the white house. But what does this all really mean?

In 2016, the presidential election had come to an end when votes were being counted on November 8th, which had a very stressful live showing of Hillary Clinton being in the lead, and then Donald Trump. The back and forth event lead on until 3 am and had the final votes in showing that we would get the 45th president, Donald Trump. With this, a very large majority of people had believed that it was due to the electoral college or that there may have been a mishap when counting the votes in total, but a very hidden side to what happened was the idea of Russia tampering with the election multiple times while states were voting or hacking into electronic systems of voting. Although it wasn’t much of a hidden side, they were harming the presidential campaigns by mainly tampering with Hillary Clinton and trying to boost Donald Trump’s votes. With this in mind, it leads to lots of worry about what will happen in the future of the election, especially with super Tuesday being around the corner (March 3rd). At the time that Russia was caught possibly tampering and endorsing Trump, Trump was just getting over the impeachment trials and the issues from December. Once a few officials had come out to the congress addressing the issue, and the dangers of Russia being involved had led to Trump getting angry and complaining about how it was going to be used against him, especially from the democratic side. In a public response to the matters brought up by congress, Trump tweets out a message stating, “Another misinformation campaign is being launched by Democrats in Congress saying that Russia prefers me to any of the Do-Nothing Democrat candidates who still have been unable to, after two weeks, count their votes in Iowa. Hoax number 7!”.  When questioned, the Kremlin denied it’s the interference of the election and instead made it seem like it was just an exaggeration from the media. Not only was Trump being offered endorsement from Russia but as well as Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate. Sanders had come out and said on a Friday (February 20). Bernie came out about the situation saying how it had been in mind for about a month at the time in which he had stated that he didn’t want to make it public information as well as calling out Russia and Putin saying to them to “Stay out of American Elections” and calling Putting an “Autocratic thug.” The matters at hand are very serious due to how this will be determining the future of America as well as the bonds and deals made with other countries, if we get caught up in a situation in which we are taken over from Russia as a prime example, lots of issues could be held and can lead to very problematic outcomes. 

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