Bernie Sanders Promises Increases in Available Child Care

Story by Dean Ricigliano (News Writer)

Countries all over the globe consider our youth as a valuable and important resource and that’s why they invest in a better pre-kindergarten program and free child care. The young children are our future and an educated now means a better future and that’s why Senator Bernie Sanders is saying that if he becomes the next president he will devote a large chunk of taxpayers’ money into this and help step towards a more educated tomorrow. 

On Bernie’s website, he states that there are women who need to lower their hours or even quit their jobs to be able to care for their children, and when they ask for a raise they are denied or even let go due to their lack of hours put in. In total these women lose an average of 30 to 35 million dollars. In Bernie’s eyes, that is totally unacceptable and that’s why he wants to tax the extreme wealth or the 0.01 percent which would rake in 1.5 trillion dollars which would help provide a completely free and meaningful early child care and education. 

This new idea is highly anticipated and would be beneficial for any new family. This new system will help us as a country evolves into a new and stronger future. Our pre-kindergarten programs are extremely outdated and in desperate need of an upgrade. This new act would make our country’s percent of happiness go up significantly due to the stress of the new parents going down. These new child care centers will be stationed in every town and will be as common as a local Walgreens. 

The United States of America is the wealthiest country in the entire world’s history and it does not make sense that we don’t already have this act in motion yet. Smaller countries like Norway, Finland, and Sweden already have free and efficient child care, so many are wondering why doesn’t the United States have this system as well. Bernie believes that this current childcare system isn’t effective and doesn’t well prepare our youth to become a strong student and doesn’t help to educate them in things like being a good human being. 

This child care and pre-k idea of Mr. Sanders’s will truly have a positive effect on this nation’s mothers and new children. If Bernie Sanders becomes the President he claims that this will be one of his top priorities along with lower tax cuts on the extremely wealthy. Bernie Sanders has a lot of really great ideas to help the people in our nation and bring this country to a true people-based nation. 

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