Some Springtime Flowers that are Starting to Bloom With the Warmer Weather

The flowers are blooming and it’s almost the most beautiful time of the year… Spring! Many different flowers are blooming and they are all very pretty. Some are Primrose, Pansy, Hyacinth, and Daffodil. 

Primrose is a very colorful flower. It’s one of the earliest flowers to start blooming in the early spring season. The common colors of primrose are pink, red, white, yellow, and orange. But it also can grow purple, blue, and multicolored. It’s a very pretty flower. This flower prefers sunlight rather than any other condition. It grows each year, every spring. They symbolize youth, new beginnings, new life, or both. 

Pansy is a unique flower. It has some very pretty colors. Pansies are also the perfect flower because of the color. These types of flowers handle cold weather pretty well. They can be planted in fall, they will survive the winter then bloom when it starts getting warm. The colors of these flowers are white, purple, blue, yellow, and multicolored. They usually come in bouquets. They symbolize the love or admiration one person has for another

Fun fact: March 7th was Hyacinth day. That is when it proves that the flower is a springtime staple. The colors of this flower comes in yellow, red, pink, white, orange, lavender, and blue. Some very pretty colors. The plant represents constancy. They like sunlight but they need to be in the shade most of the time. The shape of the flower is like a bell. When they are in a bouquet, they look good with a pansy flower next to it.

Daffodils have a trumpet shape. They make people happy just by looking at them. They are the perfect gift to give someone for their anniversary, they are pretty and make people fall in love. They have more sunny color, like white, yellow, and orange. Plus they bloom in March and May so kind of around summertime. It brings a bit of joy when the cold weather leaves and the nice warm weather starts to come. Daffodils mean eternal life and rebirth. 

Primrose’s, Pansies, Hyacinth’s, and Daffodil’s are the most common flowers blooming right now. They are very pretty and all have good meanings to them. They all have nice, soft, and pretty colors. I recommend buying some!

By Jersey Collins


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