SLV Varsity Boys’ and Girl’s Swim Team is Working Hard During This Season!

As we dive into the new season for the Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Swim Team, practices have been outstanding and very neat. Both the boys and girls have been very hard working and energetic. Interviewing Sequoia Gambero, Leila Dagan and Amelia Price, they had incredible words to say about the Varsity Swim Team. 

While interviewing Amelia Price she said, “I joined the swim team because it is good exercise, and you have a team to support you through anything, they are your second family. You gain new friendships.” The Varsity Swim Team is a great way to make new friends, get some exercise in, and get to know people you may have never known. Sequoia Gambero added in, “We all get along very well and have people there that just want to be great and want to get better which is awesome because everyone just has the same drive to our practices.”

While talking with Sequoia Gambero she stated, “I’m preparing for the meet season by training super hard. Given that she’s a freshman on varsity, she realizes how high the competition is yet she’s willing to face it head on,” Lelia Dagan added in with, I’m adapting to the harder workouts and am excited for the upcoming season and meets.” The Varsity Swim Team are very excited and thrilled for this season’s competition meets. The team is working very hard, training hard, and getting in the perfect mind sets for their competitions this season at SLV. 

As we continue with the rest of the season for the Varsity Swim Team, let’s thank everyone for their outstanding hard work during practices and let’s wish them good luck for the rest of the season!


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