San Lorenzo Valley High School Boy’s Tennis has Just Started Up and Players are Excited

This year’s boys’ tennis team has started, are you on the team? If you’re not you should see if try-outs are still available. Have you seen any of their matches? If you answered no, go out and watch one to support your school. There are a lot of students on the boys’ tennis team. 

A few of them answered questions about the team and sport. . Nick Morhman said, “Yeah tennis is fun, I don’t play many sports or really any besides tennis it’s a really fun thing to do and the people on the team are really cool.” When asked why he decided to play tennis he said, “I started because a lot of my friends were playing it and I ended up liking it.” When asked about how he thinks the team will do this year he said, “I don’t know about the whole team but there are a few people who I think will do very well this year. ”In tennis the goal of the game is to hit a ball over a net and not have your opponent hit it back. This year a lot of new players are joining the team, mostly freshman. One freshman on the team, onah Westberg said, when asked about tennis,  “it’s my favorite sport I have been playing for five years. I was concerned I wouldn’t like the team before I went to the first practice but everyone on the team is really nice.” When asked why he started playing tennis he said, “my dad is the reason I started playing, he introduced me to the sport and I liked playing. tennis may sound simple but it is not easy.”

 To play you need to have good hand-eye coordination, it requires the player to have a lot of skill. Tennis is very interesting, if you don’t know anything about the sport try to learn something about it and you could like it and maybe  try out for the team next year. 

Here is how the scoring works in tennis, once a player scores five points, it goes 15, 30, 40, love and then game. Tennis is  played in either singles or doubles. Tennis is played using a racket and a ball, it’s a lot like badminton except the net is  on the ground and you bounce the ball over the net. SLV Boys’ Tennis has just started so you still have to go out and support your fellow SLV student athletes by seeing their matches.

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