Review on Trippie Redd’s Album, A Love Letter To You 4

Trippie Redd, a popular singer, rapper and songwriter, released a new album A Love Letter To You 4. He released this album on November 22, 2019. The album reached the U.S. #1 and was Trippie Redd’s fourth album to be in the Top 10 billboard albums. A Love Letter To You 4 features other popular artists such as: Lil Mosey, Juice Wrld, YNW Melly, Youngboy Never Broke Again, Dababy, Lil Yachty, Tory Lanez, and more. 

The album has twenty-one songs. The first song “Leray” is about his most recent ex-girlfriend, Coi Leray. This song is a slower song that hits too close to home for some. The next song “Who Needs Love” was released as a single before the album came out, along with “Love Me More” and “Death.” The album has some slower and heartfelt songs and some faster rap songs. “Love Sick” is a relatable and emotional song. “Til the End of Time” is one of my favorites and is a favorite of many other Trippie Redd fans. “All for Me” features Smokepurpp and might just be my favorite song on this album.“Hate Me” features Youngboy Never Broke Again and this song is a really good song to vibe to. “Abandoned” is deep and always makes me cry. It is a relatable song but also a good song to jam to. “Chosen” has a good feel to the song but it is not one of my favorites. “Real Feel” is a good song to sing along to with your friends and so is “This ain’t that,”, “U deserve it,” “Sickening.” “RMP” and “M’s,” in my opinion, are kind of annoying and I don’t like those songs very much. Lastly, there is the most hype songs of the album. “6 Kiss” features Juice Wrld and YNW Melly. It starts off with Juice Wrld’s verse, which always makes me sad, but it is a very good song. “The Grinch,” is aggressive but I enjoy listening to it sometimes. It also has a short film to go with the song on Youtube. “Bust Down Deux,” has a good chorus but an unfamiliar rapper, You Dee, has a verse in French that I don’t understand. “The Jungle Book,” and “Can You Rap Like Me – pt. 2” are liked by some people but others think they are annoying.

On February 21, 2020, The deluxe album, A Love Letter To You 4, was released. It has nine new songs that featured Russ, Lil Tecca, Young Thug, and Chance the Rapper. “I love you” features Chance the Rapper and is one of the most popular songs. “The Way” featuring Russ, and “YELL OH” featuring Young Thug, were both released as singles before the deluxe was released. I think “The Way” is a really good song but I am not a big fan of “YELL OH.” I also don’t really like “OTF KNIGHTMARE” or “Even Steven” because they are each a little too much of a hype song. However, “How I was raised,” “Amazing,” and “Koi” are all really good songs and I love them.

Personally, “Koi,” “Amazing,” “Abandoned,” and “All for Me” are my favorite songs on the album. I love those songs and I listen to them all the time. I asked sophomore Zoe Heath some questions about the album. She said that she loved the album and out of five stars, she gives it a big fourteen. Her favorite song is “Abandoned” and her least favorite song is “M’s.” Next, I asked Kylie Herzon, she said she loved the album and gave it a five out of five. Her favorite song was “leray” or “sickening” and her least favorite song was “bust down deux.” Lastly, I asked Marlee Hanning. She loved the album and gave it five out of five stars. Her favorite song is “Chosen” and her least favorite song is “YELL OH.” So next time you are looking for new music to listen to, try giving this album a chance and I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

By Sierra Mattair

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