Boys’ Baseball has Started and They are all Hoping for a Good Outcome

The season hasn’t started out too good for the SLV varsity baseball team, with losing their scrimmage and their first game of the season. But the team is practicing every day to improve and start getting some wins under their belt. The team has been practicing to get their first win but has started off by going against really good teams that have beaten them so far.

The games they have played were on March third and fourth. Their first home game didn’t go so well with them losing to Santa Teresa’s team. Some of the players weren’t too happy that they lost on their field. But the next day, the team went to play against King’s Academy’s High School. The Cougars played a good game coming out with the win. No one on the team scored a home run but 4 of the runners ended up making it to home plate. The team is already back to practicing and getting ready for their next games. The next few games are against St. Francis. A week after that is against Morgan Hill, two days after that the team is going against Aptos. If you want to support the Cougars play on their home field. Then come out and watch them play on the 20th, 24th, and the 31st.

The team is playing all year with the hope to make it to the championship and bring home the win. The team knows what it feels like to win so they’re trying to get back to that feeling and start collecting the W’s.

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