SLV Students Share Holiday Traditions

Students at SLVHS are excited for the upcoming holiday season. We went around campus to ask some students about their favorite things to do everytime the season comes around. This is what students said.

Juniors, Reid Olmsted and Sarah Morley, both said that they enjoy visiting Crest Ranch Christmas tree farm with their families to pick and cut out their own tree. Freshman, Emma LaVerne also says she enjoys visiting Crest Ranch with her family every winter. Junior, Hunter Avilla had a very interesting tradition he shared, “my family has many of the normal traditions like having people over for Thanksgiving and Christmas but personally I enjoy my own tradition of spending as much time in my room and returning to the mass gathering before anyone notices I was gone. It’s taken a few years to perfect, but this last November has shown a record for personal growth.” Sophomore, Angelo Reis shared his story of how maturing and growing older has helped him appreciate his time with family, rather then mostly just looking forward to gifts. Junior, Brook Weder shared about how her family decorates a toy village in her living room every Christmas season, and everyone’s stockings always get filled by her grandma. Junior, Juan Padilla shares how he loves to make the commitment to listen to “Feliz Navidad” at least once a day before Christmas arrives each year. Senior, Christina Reason shared how she enjoys going to her uncle’s house on Christmas eve and singing Christmas Carols with family all night long. Junior, Mia Torres shares how she always looks forward to setting up all the amazing Christmas decorations inside her house. Junior, Elena Martinez gets matching pajamas with her family each year, and plans a fun trip to go visit her grandparents and cousins. And Senior, Haley Johnson always looks forward to having a “friendsmas” with a giant group of friends, and they dress up in pajamas and watch christmas movies and drink hot cocoa together.

This shows the diversity we have at this school and how everyone has their own fun way of celebrating the holiday season.   

by Madison Reger

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