Pitting Spotify Against Apple Music

There’s no doubt that Spotify is one of the most popular music platforms that teens use these days. It has just about everything you want in a streaming app. It has a free tier of listening, it has a family plan for up to six people, and it can boast an impressive music library of over 35 million songs. Because of how successful Spotify has become, competitors such as Apple Music are inevitable. The big question we are now faced with is which music app is superior?

Both apps offer a free trial period for their premium services that normally cost $10 a month or $15 for a family plan. Both also have a $5 discount for students that use premium. With the premium version, you can listen to any of the songs in the music libraries on demand and listen to music offline. Spotify, however, is the one that has a free tier, which would make it the more appealing option of the two. The downside to this is that many playlists have to be listened to in shuffle mode, and there is a limit to how many songs can be skipped in an hour.

In terms of music selection, Apple Music is the clear winner with over 45 million songs to choose from as opposed to Spotify’s 35 million. Spotify makes up for it by having a section dedicated to podcasts. Both of the apps also allow you to watch music videos. Apple Music allows you to access your personal library of music across all of your devices whenever you are signed in with your Apple ID. Additionally, if you hear a song you like on Apple Music, you can buy the music directly through the Itunes Store.

Overall, If you are looking for a free music app, Spotify is the clear winner, but if you’re willing to pay a monthly fee, the decision becomes more complicated. Both offer playlists tailored to your preferences that learn what you like better the more you listen, and Apple Music has a separate station that is hosted by real DJs if you feel like listening to a traditional radio station. They both let you follow your favorite artists so you can see their latest releases. There is no definite winner between the two, the choice of what app to use is yours.

by Emma Anderson

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